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I am supposed to do

No-one's watching me. No-one is looking for me. Not now, not now it’s done. Mrs Emmett could see she’d been crying. Evie looked exhausted. Her eyes burned red-rimmed and her face was apartamente de vanzare bucuresti drawn, pale and blotchy from the tears. She had returned to the old lady because she hadn’t been able to bear to go upstairs. Save it for another day. She had told herself, After all, it wasn’t going anywhere.

Just like her, she wasn’t going anywhere. Was this the place to end? To settle to pick up the pieces scattered across half the globe, the developing and apartamente de vanzare bucuresti developed world. I’ve put a bed together in the spare room. I always have it ready in case my granddaughter comes to stay. It’s nothing special, just a warm bed and I’ve cooked so you’ll eat it and sleep.

She lifted her eyelids to refuse, to fight and found nothing. She breathed deeply refusing to give into the overwhelming emotion of returning to the familiar and to the forgotten. Just sit. She pointed Evelyn at a chair in the kitchen, placed a glass of something in front of her. Sip this. Evie dutifully sipped and coughed as the fiery clear liquid caught apartamente de vanzare bucuresti the back of her throat. You looked as though you need something to pep you up.

Sherry? It's the strongest thing I’ve got in the house. Drink it up, dear. She knocked it back and felt the warmth work its way down her insides. Thanks. That’s quite alright. She stirred something voraciously in a saucepan and added pepper. Evie could hear the whirring apartamente de vanzare bucuresti of an oven.

But the smell was glorious. She didn't know why she let herself fall into the comfort of the chair. It was inexplicable. But in the comfortable noise of the kitchen, Evie began to relax. Did you find everything the way you wanted? Mary asked. Yeah. I mean, I guess.

I don’t know what I thought I’d find there. Answers maybe? Answers to what? Mary enquired. What I’m supposed to do? How I’m supposed to carry on? How I’m supposed to live without them? People keep telling me what I should be feeling about what happened, but the only thing that keeps burning and swirling around my head is what the hell now.

It seems so wrong to be here, all by myself. I keep expecting the door handle to turn and Ellie to run in, a call from my father or a phone call from my mum. The old lady walked to a chair. She seemed so apartamente de vanzare bucuresti very certain in her actions. Age, experience all twisted through her blue veins. She laid her hands carefully on her knees and looked at the young woman. Evie didn't feel what she had before- fear, shame, and selfish regard.

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