The Culture Of China

By: Alehxia X. Apodaca


China, is located in the Southeast of Asia along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. China is the 3rd largest country in the world.

The Chinese Flag

The Chinese flag is red with 4 little yellow stars and another HUGE yellow star on the flag.


In China, the language that they use is Chinese, and lots of other languages. When you are in China, the Chinese language is mostly the popular language there. They're writing is also translated to Chinese.


In China, the symbols that they use are also their writing that they use. The symbols that they use are like pictures that represents themselves and they're writing. Their symbols can mean bad and rude things, but sometimes it could mean good and great things.


The people that live in China, have Chinese clothes. Women and girls wear beautiful Hanfus, men and boys wear clothes that kind of look like a robes and that are Chinese like the girl clothes. The Chinese people pretty much don't really look like us. They wear lots of colors, and the clothes have like the same thing on them for example a dragon, flowers, and fire. We have clothes that sometimes are the same, but usually different.


The music that they use in China is very quiet and peaceful. Sometimes they could be wild in carnivals. When China has carnivals, they use very, very loud music. The music makes you feel like if you were in peaceful place, for example, your house, or another place you think is peaceful. in China, they use flutes, drums, and lots of other instruments.

Chinese Traditional Music 1


The animals that live in China are giant pandas, parrots, types of birds, Chinese alligators, golden monkeys, whit-flag dolphins, red crowned crane, and lots of other animals live in China which is a safe place for them because China also has lots of food, and enough space for the animals.


In China, the food that they eat are fish, orange-chicken, egg-rolls, soup, noodles, shrimp, bread, fortune-cookies, green rice, crab, and of course, sushi. In China, rice is mostly eaten.