A historical village

Quick history

The word montmartre translates to "mountain of the martyr" (martyr probably means some someone who was killed or distress so "mountain of the distress/deceased people").

The name was adopted because of the decapitation of Saint Denis in 250 AD.


Montmartre was set on top of the hill because of the fact that in the 19th century Napoleon gave a lot of land to his wealthy friends so the people had to find somewhere else to settle, and the outskirts of Paris were the perfect place.


Montmartre also quickly became popular with artists because it was a "center" for the people who were driven out (and it was also a popular drinking place).

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Montmartre today isn't all that different from how it was before.

Montmartre is one of the places where there have been little to no changes to the original architecture


So even to this day it still has the village like feeling.

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A quick tour

Now that you know how important Montmartre is lets go for a small walk.

  • The most popular attraction seems to be the "Musée de Montmartre", some famous artists lived and painted there.
  • Have a nice meal at the Moulin Rouge! Or some of the other nightclubs and restaurants.
  • At the "butte" (the hill that's isolated from the rest of Montmartre) you can go to one of the most recognizable landmarks in Montmartre the Basilica du Sacré-Coeur
  • Want to see the art? Go to the Place du Terte! See some of the art that the deceased artists used to make a name for themselves.
  • Want some time to relax? Go to the Parc de la Turlure a small park next to the Sacré-Coeur
  • Finally pay your respects at the Montmartre Cemetery, the final resting place of great artists.