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September - October 2021

Defender Families,

Congratulations! We made it 2 months already into the 2021-22 school year. With many adjustments and transitions, we continue to be excited to support our students academically, social/emotionally, and with future planning of college (post-secondary education) and careers throughout their middle school years. As a part of this months newsletter, take a look at some of the exciting things your DMS Counseling Squad has completed and review more up-to-date resources that can support in these areas.

We continue to encourage all our Defender Families to stay safe and take care.


* Theme of the Month: "College and Career"/ Post High School Education

* DMS Counseling Squad Guidance Lessons

* Are Strangers Listening in on My Smart Phone - A Closer Look at Social Media

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* College and Career Lunch Kahoot Winners

* Reminder: Canvas Invitation from Counseling
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Theme of the Month - "College and Career"/ Post High School Education

Education after high school is an important part of any students success once they've entered the adult world. We commonly refer to this education as "college", however, this education can take many forms. Whether it be a University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), private university/college, trade/tech/vocational school, or a community college; the planning process should start now so students can be more prepared for the lifestyle and career they sought to enjoy in the future.

All throughout this month, Counseling will celebrating College, Career, and Post High School awareness by introducing college terms and vocabulary, college/career dress up days, fun activities and prizes. We will also be taking part in a Riverside County event supported through TVUSD and this years College Kick-Off on October 26th, 2021.

Please continue to discuss your student's futures now as well as continuing their success through education. CLICK HERE for a list of all upcoming College and Career Month activities. Looking forward to our Defenders planning for their future goals today.

DMS Counseling Squad Guidance Lessons

As a continued effort to improve student progress while transitioning back to on-campus learning, your DMS Counselors surveyed teachers to determine some the most important areas for our students to refocus for student success. As a result, the DMS Counselor created grade level guidance lessons that would focus on these following areas and objectives: Grade level Academic and Behavior Expectations, Positive Peer Interaction, Importance of Checking Grades, and Maintaining Grit/ Perseverance. Click below on the following links to access the presentations:

Counselors presented this information during the last week of Sept and beginning of October during their ELA class. Please take some time to review the lessons and discuss some of the strategies with you student.

Are Strangers Listening in on My Smart Phone - A Closer Look at Social Media

Do you ever feel like your smart phone is listening in on your personal conversations? Well, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) may have the inside scoop on why you feel this is happening. Recently, (WSJ) published a video investigating how TikTok, a social-media platform with one of the most advanced algorithms, is able to detect the interests of their user. With some interesting research, we felt like this article/video does a great job helping parents, students, and other users understand some of the concerns with using social media irresponsibly.

Click HERE to check out the article/video, and learn more about this

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Just like students, your DMS Counselors are also looking to improve. We are striving to post more content for our Defender families and students on Instagram. If you use social media, please follow us on Instagram at @dmsschoolcounselors. For your convenience, use your smart phone camera and point it to the QR code on the left to gain easy access.

Canvas Invitation from Counselors

Friendly reminder, all DMS students were invited to a grade level DMS Counseling Canvas page to access tons of our counseling resources to support their success at DMS academically, socially, and for future career planning. Please have your student "Accept" the invitation to access these supports right on their Canvas Dashboard.

Parents can also view these supports for their student as a Canvas Observer. For more detail about becoming a Parent Canvas Observer, click HERE.


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