all about ants

by:Annasemone shahir

food and work

Ants carry leaves to make fungie this fongie is food for the hole colany! they work 19 hrs. a day carrying objects from 5-100x there weght they work about 0.5 mega juels compared to a human it can carry an an elefant


ants dont sleep very much

they take 250 naps a day this seems very much but each nap is about a min. longs so they only get about 5 hrs. of sleep a day

how they build homes

Ants build there homes under ground they use there pincers to pick no getting into the car

up dirt to build there homes in the shape of hils they like to build there

nests next to the hill if you ever dig next to an ant hill there is a good chance you will get bitten or find a nest i would not like to get bitten

preditors and jobs

Some of the ants preditors are the ant lions,the preying mantice and the giant ant eater. The praying mantice scoops the ant up and eats it, The gaint ant eater puts its long tunge into the the ant hill and scoops them up then eats it,the ant loin makes a pit and hides when an ant comes it throws dirt at ir to slip an when it does it eats it different ants have different jobs. A queen tender pulls out the eggs from the queen, the nurce ant likes the eggs to keep them moisterised. the guard ant guards strange ants from entering the hill.
ants are very important!