Christopher Marlowe


Marlowe's Life

Marlowe received early education at King's School in Canterbury, England. When he was about 17, he lived in Cambridge and held a scholarship in ministry. He also received a bachelor of arts degree in 1584 and also received a master of arts degree in 1587. For the most part, Marlowe spent most of his life in London, which is where he wrote all of his plays. He later died in Deptford, England when he and a man named Ingram Fritzer were arguing about who should pay the tavern bill. Marlowe was stabbed above the right eye and died instantly.
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All About Marlowe as a Writer

Marlowe wrote about 6 or 7 plays and one poem, which was not finished before his death. An example of one of his plays is "Tamburlaine the Great" and the one poem that he wrote was called "Hero and Leander". Christopher Marlowe was famous for being the first English playwright to really stress Renaissance Humanism in tragedy plays. His plays were also know to have Secularism, or ideas going against religion. Because he was going against the church, he didn't have very many people that supported him or were patrons to him.

Renaissance Work

Marlowe's famous play, "Doctor Faustus"

"Doctor Faustus" is considered one of Marlowe's best plays, but it was also his last. The play was printed in 1590, but philosophers suspect that it was written many years before. The plot of the play is mainly about a scholar who is bored with the limited knowledge of the human mind, so he attempts to sell his soul to the devil in order to gain power and knowledge. I think secularism is closely linked to this play because it completely goes against religious ideas and standards of that time. This play is significant because it was very risky to have a published play with secularism in that time because of all the power that the church held. This play stuck out to me because the storyline sounds just like a storyline that could be found in a modern day movie. Doctor Faustus is publicly published throughout the world.

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