Europens and Africa History

By: Spencer Toomey

Apartheid in South Africa

Many people know that whites controlled South Africa so they could keep the land and all it's wealth for whites. You also should know that this was called Apartheid, it separates people by their race. This was a major change to the people because they could not vote, could only have low paying jobs, go to bad schools, and always have to have an identification. Thankfully people started to protest and then a few years later F.W. de Klerk became the first black president and also ended Apartheid. In 1994 Nelson Mandela got out of prison and was elected president during the country's first multiracial election. After Nelson was elected he worked harder everyday to make South Africa based on peace and equality. And that's how South Africa came to be it's self today.
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10 Question Quiz!!!


1.)Who ended the apartheid in South Africa?

2.)What made Nigeria's independence different from other countries?

3.)What organization was created to fight the British in Kenya?

4.)When did Kenya Get it's independence?

5.)Who was the first democratically elected president in Kenya?

6.)What is the A.N.C.

7.)What is Pan-Africanism?

8.)What year did the Pan-Africanism begin?

9.)What caused the African Union(A.U.) to be created?

10.)What were the goals of the A.U.?


1.)F.W. de Klerk

2.)It was peaceful

3.)Mau Mau



6.)African National Youth League

7.)Global Africa Community

8.)Early 1800s-1900s

9.)The Pan-Africanism

10.)To have economic growth, end to poverty, advancements to woman's rights