Westward Expansion Native Americans

Dylan Greer 3/15/16

U.S. Westward Expansion Native Americans

During U.S. westward expansion the Native American way of life and the things they had built up as a people in the west was totally disregarded by the the American pioneers. The Americans from the east wanted to expand the nation by harvesting gold from the new land and exploit and use the animals and the crop and slave land of the region. This all started happening when the Americans decided to build a transcontinental railroad. This railroad would stretch all the way across the U.S. This would make transporting goods across the country much more efficient and easy on the Americans. They also took advantage of races other than the Native Americans when building the railroads such as the Chinese and Orientals.

Native Americans had populated themselves throughout all of the U.S. territory before any immigrants from Europe or any other place on Earth came over. They had made tribes, religions and their own way of life. They never took advantage of the land and the animals they were blessed with. They American’s drove them out of their land and made them either become more white by giving them white names and having the Native American children attend white schools to practice the christian religion. The whites wanted to move westward, put all of the Indians on plantations with land not good enough for hunting or growing crops, then use the land for gold mining and use the animals for game hunting. All they really wanted to do with the land out west was take advantage of something that was not even theirs. The American’s had been doing this since the beginning though, long before they decided to move west. There were Indians all over the eastern border of America too, and they were forced North out of their land as well. They did not care who or what they were affecting or changing as long as what they were doing was benefiting themselves.

Native Americans and their way of life was totally changed. The Americans from the east were all about mining gold and talking advantage of the land and resources of the west. They were trying to expand their way of transportation for goods with the Transcontinental Railroad. Native Americans had to abandon their land, their lives, and and their homes. A lot of them had to run away to Canada. During Westward expansion in the United States a lot of the Native American culture was ruined.

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