By: George Aguilar

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

Book Review:

The book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian written by Sherman Alexie, published by Little, Brown and Company tells the story of a young Spokane Native American boy who lives on a reservation. The story unfolds as the young boy named, Junior takes a chance by leaving the reservation in pursuit of a better life. He chooses to attend a bigger High School named Reardan, outside of the reservation. His choice leads himself to a better education. Overall this was one of the most entertaining book I have ever read. The author uses this book to relate to many young adults.

The book begins on the Native American Reservation for the Spokane Tribe, Junior or Arnold Spirit is an ordinary Spokane Native American. Junior has a normal life, He goes to school and comes back home. Junior laments his current life style. He wants to pursue a better life out of the reservation. One day Junior takes a chance and throws a textbook and his Geometry teacher and is expelled from his current High School. Juniors teacher, Mr P. stops by his house to talk to him. His teacher believes that Junior would excel outside of the reservation.

Junior listens to Mr. P’s advice and begins to take courses and Reardan High. Junior’s Reputation quickly sinks in his home reservation. All his old friends begin to tease him and begin to despise him. However Junior begins to have an attraction to a young girl named Penelope. His attraction to her leads to him having the courage to make new acquaintances. As Junior loses a best friend in Rowdy he gains a new one in Gordy.

The authors purpose is to tell a story to entertain the general public. The author does an exceptional job by entertaining throughout the entire book. The author relates to a younger audience by using slang terms. The main character Junior is also similar to many teenage boys. Most Teenage boys are curious and do not know, just like Junior. This book should be read by teenage males. The book contain several characters that fit the situation throughout the entire book. Overall the characters made the book even more desirable to read.

The book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie tells the story of a young teenage Native American boy who endures the daily lifestyle of a Spokane Indian. Junior chooses to assent with his tribe and goes to a new High School. Overall this book is highly entertaining and is full with twists and turns. I recommend you to read it .

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