Classroom News and Events 9/12

Laptops taken home, Bottle Cap Art Project, Reminders

Project on Lap Top Computers

Dear Parents,

As we all know computers went home today, yay! It is very exciting and probably all of the children want to work on them tirelessly but there's a little thing that might make their work easier and that is the "Kino" project is not due on Monday. Children will continue to work on it in a classroom once they come back to school on Monday. Please make sure computers are handled with care during this weekend and always. :)

Walking Field Trip to the Library

Our next field trip to the library is almost here and kids cannot wait to find out who is going to chaperone their class. They take so much pride in seeing their parents volunteer in any way possible. If you would like to volunteer please sign up at

Bottle Cap Educational Art Project

Hello everyone!

Ms. Russo's class and Mr. Navarro's class are going to do an incredible mural art board (like those on the chain link fence outside on the yard) created using only plastic bottle caps, a little glue and a screw gun. As you know, Ms. Russo has done the Green Team at WeHo for years. I approached her with the idea of creating art out of recyclable materials and she agreed. Mr. Navarro heard about the project (when I was hounding his class for bottle caps!) and he's on board to do it as well! While it might be hard for you to imagine, I promise you that if you google, "plastic bottle cap art" you will be blown away by what people have created! Here is a fascinating blog from an art teacher in Los Angeles about the mural she created at her school:

As you can see, it's beautiful! And, it's a very powerful message because all of those caps are attached to bottles that are out there in the world, hopefully being recycled. That's a lot of plastic!

So, what does the arts committee need from you? Your clean bottle caps! The clean bottle caps from your work! Your grandma's clean bottle caps! Any color, any size, we'll take them. The time-line for the project is open at this point. We will do it when the teachers have time, so for right now, we're in the preparation stage. So, all I need from you is those clean bottle caps. Once we get going, we'll need volunteers, but for now, it's just enough to recycle and get the caps. The arts committee will work with the kids to come up with the designs, but that is further down the road.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! And, a HUGE thank you to Mr. Navarro and Ms. Russo who are up for anything! You guys are the best!

Rachel Quaintance

Order Your Next Spirit Wear from Website

Our amazing parent, Kimberly Friedberg has made it easier for all of us and created a website to order the Spiritwear online. It can be ordered online using this link Deliveries will be made to your child's classroom the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Orders must be placed by Tuesday of that week in order to be delivered on the respective Thursday. Thank you Kimberly!!!

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