Panther Paws

Norfolk Junior High

By Mishayla Gnirk

Nursery Rhyme

Young Girl Observes Amazing Elephants Jump Very High.
By Mishayla Gnirk
A 14-year-old girl named Miss Mary Mack was a witness observing the elephants on January 1st of 2000. Miss Mary Mack told reporters she asked her mother, Margaret Jane, for 50 cents to watch elephants jump over Hickory Fence. Miss Mary Mack was one of the thousand viewers,but she also got the best view. The elephants jumped over the fence but went higher than we ever thought was possible. The amazing elephants reached the sky! Mary told us that the elephants went so high in the sky that they didn’t come back until July 4, 2000. Scientists exclaim when the elephants came back they were tired and quite wind-whipped, but they didn’t show any signs of being that far in the sky. Mary had watched the elephants go and she stayed until they came back too.She said the elephants looked relieved to be back and she was also relieved they were back safely.

Taylor Lautner In Simple Terms By Mishayla Gnirk

Ever wonder how Taylor’s acting career got started or even a little about him?

Taylor Lautner was born February 11th, 1992. He has one sibling, which is a sister named Makena. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

At 6 years of age, Taylor started doing karate, and by the age of 12, represented the United States.While in karate, he won the Junior World Forms and Weapons and he also won three gold medals. In 2003, he ranked number one in the world in NASKA’S Black Belt Open Forums, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons, and Traditional Forums.

When Taylor was only 7-years-old, he tried to start his career off by having a part in a Burger King advertisement, but he did not get it. In hope of boosting off Taylor’s career, his family moved to Los Angeles.

Taylor’s big breakthrough was when he played the part as Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. He played parts in television shows and has even done voice-overs.Taylor is best known for playing Jacob Black in Twilight. He had to gain 30 pounds to best fit the role.

In 2009, Taylor got voted one of “100 Most Beautiful People”, by People Magazine.

For his free time, Taylor plays baseball and basketball. He is also part of the dance group, LA Hip Kids, which is Hip-Hop. He is also part of another dance group called Hot Shots, which is Jazz.

As you can see Taylor plays important roles whether it's acting or in real life.This is a little about Taylor Lautner's life in simple terms.

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Subway Surfers

You start out with a person named Jake and he begins the journey with you.

Once you get enough coins you can unlock other people by coins or by collecting enough items.

The setting is in a train station. You dodge the trains and obstacles, jump on the trains, get coins, surf on your hoverboard, ride the jetpack, and more!

Don’t let the inspector guy and his dog catch you though. Subway Surfers is the game to test your reflexes.

By Mishayla Gnirk


Argument #3: Many schools serving students your age have decided to require all students to wear school uniforms. However, many people still disagree with this common practice. What is your opinion on this issue? Be sure that your “essay” would convince school personnel.
First, we will brainstorm both sides of the issue. Even if you think your idea is crazy, go with it!

Side 1: I believe all students should wear school uniforms (3 minute free type)

I believe all students should wear school uniforms. The students do not have to worry about what outfit to wear to school, creating more time for homework and studies. With this students can not get in trouble for inappropriate clothing. Students will also can not be picked on for what they wear because everyone will have the same uniform.

I believe students should not wear school uniforms. Students have their rights to wear what they please. They have a more optional range of clothing. They will have more to shop for. When they get something then they can wear it to school. You can have more of a personal style.
Side 2: I believe all students should not wear school uniforms (3 minute free type)
My view with supporting details.
Create a Headline- make sure it has your subject in it!

I believe students should not wear school uniforms. Students have their right to wear what they please. If they get clothes other than uniforms, they can wear them to school. Students have a more optional range of clothes to wear, which is a lot less boring than wearing the same thing over. When you wear different clothes, you have a more personal style that is created, which makes you an individual person. Your clothes tend to represent your personality which represent you.

Movie Review

Mishayla Gnirk-The Blind Side:

The Blind Side is a biography of a boy named Michael “Big Mike”Oher. His father was unknown to him and he had a drug-addicted mother. His life wasn’t easy, and he didn’t have a good life or an education. Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy took him in and he soon became part of the family. Leigh makes sure he can be successful, especially in football, which is what he wants to do. She tells the coach how he can use Michael’s skills to the full extent. Leigh makes sure Michael has an opportunity for education. She hires a tutor to help raise his grade,s so he can qualify for the NCAA Division I athletic scholarship. They filmed The Blind Side in Georgia, USA in 2009. I liked this movie because it showed how big of an impact people can have on one another’s life. This movie teaches people good lessons and I think its a great movie to watch for any age.
The Blind Side Movie Review: Beyond The Trailer