Care for the Reproductive System

by Baylee McLaughlin

Male Reproductive System

Wash, Wash, Wash.

To keep yourself clean to rid the area of Bacteria. Bacteria can lead to infections... infections can kill you.

Self Examination

You want to make sure everything looks normal right? But that doesn't mean that everything on the inside is working okay.

Doctor Visits

They are the ones that make sure the reproductive system is working okay. They also check for hernias. You know... turn your head and cough... A hernia is an organ or intestine that might be out of place.

Female Reproductive System

You Need to do the Same Thing as the Guys!

Wash youself, Examine your self. Iknow that it is aa wierd subject to bring up to your parents, but they will understand. If it smells bad, looks funny, or just doesn't feel right... You have to go to the doctors to make sure that you don't have something serious. Remember, ever if something is treatable, you can still die from going without treatment.