District PBIS Newsletter May 2022

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Columbus City Schools Office of Social Emotional & Student Support Services

Executive Director of Whole Child: Cheryl Ward

Director: Adrean Winfrey

Supervisor: Tricia Piliado

District PBIS Coordinators:

Region 1 - Kathryn Righter

Region 2 - Nichole Humphrey

Region 3 - Amber Hill

Region 4 - Jacquie Pencek

Region 5 - Heather Snyder

Region 6 - Brigette Lowery

PBIS is about fostering relationships. The goal is to create an environment where students, staff, and families feel welcome, safe and appreciated.

PBIS Planning


  • Conduct end-of-year celebrations! (Students & Staff)
  • Review and share school-wide outcome data with staff, families, and your District PBIS Coordinator.
  • Evaluate current team and determine if additional team members are needed or possibly team reconstruction (Tier 1 Team vs. Tier 2/3 Team)
  • Evaluate and determine if team roles need to be adjusted, changed, or clarified in more detail.
  • Meet with team and school leadership to discuss PBIS budget needs for next school year for staff training/support, additional work hours, acknowledgements and celebrations/events.
  • Plan for next year’s PBIS staff orientation and student kickoff sessions. Put these dates on the school calendar now.
  • Review progress made towards goals (TFI & SIP) and adjust goals/interventions for next school year for continued progress.
  • Review PBIS evidence binder/PBIS playbook/handbook/Google Classroom, etc. and make sure it is ready for next school year. This is especially important if there will be a change in the PBIS Coordinator role.

Sharing Outcomes

(TFI 1.15 & 2.13)
  • Share PBIS outcome results with stakeholders (students, families, staff)
  • Share TFI score and priorities with BLT
  • Share Tier 1 practices in the building: School-wide expectations, feedback and acknowledgement, and discipline policies and procedures (flow chart, classroom vs. office managed, etc.)
  • Share Data:
      • TFI score increased/decreased

      • # of behavior referrals, attendance percentage

      • Panorama data

  • Share what the PBIS team is going to do with the data:
      • More PD around RP, TIC, PBIS, SEL, etc.

      • How the data impacted action plan

      • More PD around self-regulation based on Panorama data

  • Share the priorities that the team identified in the TFI
  • Share Tier 2 outcome data but do not share student information
  • Share Tier 2 intervention participation percentage
  • Share Tier 2 intervention positive outcome percentage

Ways To Share Outcomes with Stakeholders

  • Regular bulletins, newsletters
  • Posters

  • Bulletin board in the staff lounge

  • Bulletin boards for students

  • Monthly staff meetings

  • Website

  • Presentation at Open House

  • Parent letters

  • Suggestion box and surveys

  • Social Media (e.g., TWITTER, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  • Overview presentations for community groups

  • Fair of student artwork/ essays on SW-PBIS

  • Morning announcements

  • Feedback/exit slips at the end of meetings


Panorama Survey

Panorama Survey EOY window April 25th - May 6th

Once the Panorama Survey results are released please set aside time to discuss the results as departments, building teams, and leadership. As you review and discuss please center your conversations around bright spots and opportunities to grow across in reference to each of the 3 stakeholders (staff, students, and families). This is a wonderful time to look at trends between the data results of the 3 surveys provided this school year (fall, winter, spring). As a district we are focusing on school climate and supportive relationships, including teacher- student relationships. These areas are excellent places to start and/or continue your work.

District Panorama Goals

Increasing Staff and Student Survey Response Rates - 75%

Increase Family Survey Response Rates- 30%

District SEL Competencies of Focus

Emotional Regulation - How well students regulate emotions.

Self-Efficacy - How much students believe they can achieve academic outcomes.

How Panorama Supports District/Region Priorities

Students who participate in SEL programs make increased academic gains and improve classroom behavior & stress management, which leads to even more academic gains!

District PBIS Team

Have you heard? The District PBIS team is growing! This growth will allow for us to provide more individualized support to you and your team, as well as, provide us with the opportunity to assist in further development of our department. We are so excited to have each of these lovely individuals join our team. Please help us welcome our 4 new District PBIS Coordinators!

  • Greg Mild
  • Kathy Carter
  • Johari Mitchell
  • Pam McCray

There are two remaining District PBIS Coordinator positions available. Please visit the CCS website to apply.

Thank You!

National Teacher Appreciation Week May 2nd - May 6th 2022

National Teacher Appreciation Day May 5th

  • Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day, their immense work and impact have provided a much-needed sense of community and connection. While there have been many challenges along the way, educators across America are committed to ensuring that all students have the tools they need to reach their full potential. Times have been tough, but our teachers are tougher! Take a moment to #ThankATeacher

School Nurse Day is May 11, 2022

  • National School Nurse Day honors all school nurses who care for the children in the schools every day. We recognize the contributions school nurses make every day to improve the safety, health, and academic success of all students. Thank a school nurse you know! Give them a shout out using #NationalSchoolNurseDay to share on social media.
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