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summary - kickoff 232 pages

Tyra is like any regular teen aged girl who has to move away from where she was comfortable living. The book Kick-Off is written by Donna King. Tyra was living in the bright sunny weather of Florida! She had to move to the UK because her dad is in the military. When she gets there she will get a very rude awakening. Then she finds out that the girls in the schools want to have a soccer team! Tyra used to play soccer back home in Florida. When Alicia (a teammate) is mad because Tyra becomes captain and not her; Alicia calls in for some back up! she try's to get Tyra injured so she can become captain.
I liked how the author kept me wanting to read more by leaving me hanging at the end of chapters. She made me think and feel like I was there in the book. My favorite part of the book was the ending it was about not being selfish and even if someone doesn't like you still kill them with kindness. Overall I like the book because I could relate to Tyra being good at a sport.

The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet

Hamlet Kennedy has more problems that just her unusual name. Her parents are the kind of enthusiastic Shakespeare people who wear Elizabethan gear around town, cook Shakespearean meal. Meanwhile, her seven-year-old sister is so smart that she's ready to start college, except for some pesky art credits, so Desdemona is spending her mornings at school with eighth grader Hamlet. Hamlet is also flunking pre-algebra, trying desperately to avoid her class project on A Midsummer Night's Dream, and confused by the origami pigs that keep appearing in her locker So far eighth grade has not been a stellar year.

The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet is a very funny book, yet moving at the same time. I caught myself laughing frequently at this book during dear time. The writing in this book is very witty, and Hamlet's absurd parents are deservedly the butt of many jokes. I also found myself really mad at Hamlet's parents during parts of this book for their selfish behavior.

house of hades

I just finished the House of Hades, by Rick Riorden. I enjoyed this book because, it had love ,adventure, humor and true friendship .One of my favorite lines was, "you promised, seaweed brain. We will not get separated! Ever again!". I liked this line because it showed how much Anabeth loved Percy , and no matter how much danger they were in they would stick together. I also liked the line " I have to continue Hazel.......... I I I I cant leave piper to fight on her own; I don't care how hurt I am." This line showed that no matter how badly the hurt they would give up there life for each other. There was a lot of parts were the other 6 characters were fighting back to back to save each other, despite the fact they were supposed to be enemy's because Roman and Greek never got along. They put that aside and became true friends. They saved Percy and Anabeth for this reason only.

The Mark of Athena

The Mark of Athena

i read the book the mark of Athena. i enjoyed it because it had a lot of love action and a great story. there was also a bunch of laughter because in the end they were family." well, done frank zang, leo said dryly, doing his impression of chrion the center that is exactly how people beat the Chinese hand cuffs. they turn into an iguana" i love this part because it shows that they are family and that it is okay to laugh a bit. there was also this line that made me want to cry i loved it because it should that you should never give up" percy let me go you cant pull me up . his face was white with effort. she could see it in his eyes that he knew it was hopeless. Never! he said.

Wonder 315 pages

Wonder is one of those rare books that IS upbeat, humorous, life-affirming story that deserves to be read.

10-year-old Auggie is going to school for the first time in his life, and he has to navigate new rules, learn to interact with teachers, and figure out how to make new friends. In addition, he also has a severe facial deformity that stops strangers in their tracks, so all the usual perils of the fifth grade take on even more heightened stakes.

It’s okay, I know I’m weird-looking, take a look, I don’t bite. Hey, the truth is, if a wookie started going to school all of a sudden, I’d be curious, I’d probably stare a bit! And if I was walking with Jack or Summer, I’d probably whisper to them: Hey, there’s the wookie. And if the wookie caught me saying that, he’d know I wasn’t trying to be mean. I was just pointing out the fact that he’s a wookie.

Even with a positive attitude and smart, loving parents, however, Auggie’s story is not an easy one to read, and my emotions ran wildly from sadness to hilarity to terrible anger at what happens to him. Not all kids are nice. Some kids behave one way in front of adults and another way in front of kids. Some adults are downright cruel. And just when you think life can’t possibly get any harder or more challenging, sometimes it does.

Although the book is primarily told from Auggie’s perspective, it was a surprise to me when it switched to a few other points of view. With a total of six different voices, I would normally say this is far too many, but in this particular case every person offered an insight into August’s beautiful personality and amazing life in a way that would be impossible to otherwise know. Reading about Auggie’s 27 surgeries, rejoicing at his vibrant inner life, hurting for him when he felt lonely or misunderstood, and seeing his life from various different perspectives, it’s almost impossible not to be touched by his story. And how can you not love a boy who understands that sometimes his mom might need his precious teddy bear more than he does?

“There are always going to be jerks in the world, Auggie,” she said, looking at me. “But I really believe, and Daddy really believes, that there are more good people on this earth than bad people, and the good people watch out for each other and take care of each other.”