Hair Transplant Process in Pakistan

Hair transplant in Pakistan

Hair Transplant Process in Pakistan

There are many people facing problems related to hair fall. Hair fall has become one of the major problems for people. The problem has become common among people. People do not want to lose their hairs because hairs play important role in enhancing the personality and beauty. There are many treatments available for hair fall problem. There are various solutions from medicine to surgery for the cure of this problem. People living in Pakistan are worried about the hair fall problem because there are few treatment options available for this problem. Now provides the opportunity of providing treatment for hair fall problems. Surgical treatment is available for such people and they can get an appointment online from the professional hair experts. Hair transplant in Pakistan has become simple and easy for people. FUE-follicular extraction method is used for hair transplant in Pakistan. The hairs of donor are removed from his/her head for the transplant. Fue hair transplant Pakistan can take 1 or more hours for the removal of hair from donors head. It may also take 2 consecutive days for this process. The size of the needle used in this surgical process is 21 and 19 gauge hypodermic needles. A surgeon must have fine skills for performing this surgery. Fue follicular unit extraction method was first proposed by an Australian surgeon. This method was first published in medical literature by 2 American surgeons in the year 2002.

The benefit of Fue hair transplant Pakistan is that it does not leave a scar after the surgery whereas other surgical treatments do leave a scar. Dr. M. Ahmed Chaudary and Dr. Francois Strawczynski perform this surgical treatment. Both these surgeons are experienced and professional. People do prefer to get surgical treatment from either of these surgeons. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is about 125 Rupees per follicles. However, FUT surgery will cost you 50% lower than FUE. Hair transplant in Pakistan helps in restoration of hairs with a surgery. Dr. M. Ahmed is performing these surgical treatments for the past 16 years. Follicles are those units which consist of one to four hairs which are responsible for hair growth. You can get online appointment of your specialist from the comfort of your home in Pakistan. The clinic opens at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM. You can reserve your appointment online between these timings.

Surgeons do consider Fue hair transplant in Pakistan better than FUT hair transplant. You must analyze both the surgical treatments deeply to make your final decision. You must consult your hair specialist about hair transplant in Pakistan. Your doctor will guide you better about the surgical process. You can also consult the hair specialist online at

Cosmoder clinic is situated in Lahore. You can pay a visit at the clinic after getting your appointment online. People living in Pakistan are satisfied with the services of this online clinic for hair transplantation. There are many people who are consulting the experts of this clinic for the hair transplant.

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