Seeing through a Child's Eyes

RTI's and adaptations

Ideas to discuss:

Valentines Day Parties:


Curriculum Offerings and Scheduling for next year

My Fair Share and Teacher Foundation Scholarships

Calendar for next year _ minutes vs days


Common Problems

  • Organization
  • Attention
  • Reading Problems
  • Math Problems
  • behavior due to lack of focus

Some common facts about learning disbilities and attention

  • Not all learning and attention issues are learning disabilities.
  • ADHD is not a learning disability (LD), but it’s common in kids with LD.
  • There are interventions, but no medical treatments, for learning disabilities.

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How do we know what is working or what to choose?

Let's each take a minute to write a snippet about a child in your class. Do not name the kiddo. Just your observations.

Let's discuss

What is the problem? What might help? How would you gage success? What does that mean for future? How do you share?

Our Process

  • Identify problem- verify it is documented- if not, request meeting with Laurie for further evaluation
  • Try to adapt
  • If adaptation is successful, meet with your team to write RTI with the one adaptation. Encourage others to try the adaptation or another. It can be different adaptations per class. Inform parents of adaptations
  • Note adaptations on lesson plans and grading
  • Set time to reevaluate
  • Put RTI in cumulative folder