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October 18, 2019

We are a GOLD Level RTI2-B Model Of Demonstration School!!

Exciting news came into the office while we were on break, Lincoln is being recognized as one of FIVE schools in the eastern part of the state as a Gold Level Model of Demonstration School for our implementation of RTI2-B practices. You are not reading that incorrectly....I did say GOLD!!! This is a huge honor for our school and is a true testament to the MAJOR lift that we all have committed to over the past two years. When Leigh Anne and I arrived here at Lincoln two years ago we were in a very different place. Through hard work, collective effort, and commitment to consistency and following the plans that Leadership Team and the Behavior Team set forth, we are a school that is safe, calm, and provides outstanding places for students to learn, grow, and be kids! I'm so proud of the work we have all put forth and will continue to do so to make Lincoln Elementary the premier elementary school in Kingsport. Our goal is to make Lincoln the "best place in town" by the end of the 21-22 school year. We can and will achieve this. Our next lift...our academics and supporting strong growth in our students. Our work to increase student achievement has been building for the past two years and we will continue to make great gains this year. Keep up the great work and take a minute to bask in the glory of this well deserved recognition. I know that we all do what we do for our students and not the awards...but today...and well maybe for the next few days, I think it would be OK to enjoy this exciting distinction!

The TBSP team has sent us with a few things that we can attach on emails and newsletters to publicize our status this year. I would love for you all to include the attached image below on the bottom of your email, below the signature. Let's all publicize our great work. As I see it, everyone should know how great we are--and a great way to do that is one email at a time. If you need help attaching this to your email signature, just let me know. I'm happy to help.

(Right click on the image below and save it to your pictures in either google or windows. Then use the "cog wheel" in your email to get to your signature section for your emails. You are able to attach an image. When clicking the "mountain looking icon" it will prompt you to upload an image and then upload this image.)

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The East region of TBSP is proud to announce: RTI2-B Model of Demonstration Schools for the 2019-2020 school year!

Gold Level Model of Demonstration Schools:
Anderson Elementary, Bristol City
Fort Loudoun Middle, Loudon County
Lincoln Elementary, Kingsport City
Maury Middle, Jefferson County
Mt. Horeb Elementary, Jefferson County

Silver Level Model of Demonstration Schools:
Alcoa Intermediate, Alcoa City
Central Heights Elementary, Sullivan County
Eagleton Elementary, Blount County
Fairmount Elementary, Bristol City
Holston Middle, Knox County
Hunter Elementary, Carter County
Jefferson Elementary, Jefferson County
Jefferson Middle, Jefferson County
Keenburg Elementary, Carter County
Midway Elementary, Claiborne County

Bronze Level Model of Demonstration Schools:
Clifton Hills Elementary, Hamilton County
Cloudland Elementary, Carter County
Highland Elementary, Greeneville City
Holston Elementary, Sullivan County
Holston View Elementary, Bristol City
Horace Maynard Middle, Union County
New Market Elementary, Jefferson County
Piedmont Elementary, Jefferson County
Sevierville Intermediate, Sevier County
Talbott Elementary, Jefferson County
The Howard School, Hamilton County
West Side Elementary, Elizabethton City
White Pine Elementary, Jefferson County

Schools of Recognition:
Happy Valley Middle, Carter County
Unaka Elementary, Carter County

Custodial Feedback Forms

Please check for an email sent on Wednesday during break for a link to the Custodial Feedback Forms that I ask all teachers complete so we can continue to have a strong working relationship with our outstanding custodians. We all need constructive feedback to help us continue to improve our practices and the custodial staff is no exception. Teachers, please have this form completed and in my mailbox outside my office before you leave on Wednesday (10/23) so I have the information for my meeting with Scott and Terry on Thursday morning.

Standards Work Protocol Feedback

I think that the link below will allow teachers to see the responses from the survey that was completed prior to the break regarding our thoughts on the standards work that we are doing with the hope of making improvements. This work is for us and by us so we all want it to be meaningful and helpful. I've read over the comments that were included and they are very thoughtful and I think will help us moving forward to refine our standards work to make it more meaningful each time we meet.

Using the link below, get to the survey and click on the "Responses" tab at the top. That should allow you to easily read all of the comments in a logical way. The spread sheet is a mess to read...I already tried.

Please review the comments and use them to refine our planning and main work on the days that we meet. You all are doing such great work and the meetings are helping us with our instructional practice. I look forward to continued great work.

Reminders about Leave before a Holiday/Break/Three Day Weekend

This is a friendly reminder about policy as it has come up a few times in the past several months regarding leave before break. Per policy, any use of personal leave that is attached to a break (fall, winter, spring), holiday (Thanksgiving, Easter), or three day weekend (MLK day, Memorial Day, Labor Day) must be approved by the superintendent. This means that you will need to write a letter to him well in advance of the holiday explaining why you would need the time off.

Please note, that if you are planning a trip that requires you to leave the Kingsport area to connect with either your departure location a day early, you should consider providing a day of travel during the break as opposed to the last day before break. There is a likelihood that in the future this kind of request could be denied. So get permission before you book that departure time. In addition, asking for time off to get a better flight/better pricing on flights/transportation will go under strong review from the superintendent and myself. I understand the desire to get on the road faster, or get a better deal. Anytime I want to see my family it is a 6 to 11 hour drive--and we aren't even talking about going up to CT! Getting on the road early and getting that jump on traffic is one that I totally understand and want to do at every break. Please understand that if we all took that extra day/few hours, we'd have a great deal of supervision issues here at school. The time we have in the break/weekend is the time we have to work with.

If you need to take a day for extenuating circumstances, meetings, etc that can't be avoided, PLEASE write the letter to the superintendent and include me in your correspondence. Let me know what the need for the day is so I can talk to the superintendent about it. If you have questions about the district policy regarding personal leave attached to a break/vacation/three day weekend please see me. I'm happy to talk about it.

Essay Contest Opportunity

This is very short notice (we received this on Friday before break) and there is no expectation for anyone to participate in this opportunity.

Did you know that Thursday, October 10th was World Sight Day? The members of Dr. Frank Oglesby Vision office would like to be part of the solution to draw attention to blindness and vision impairment. They are hosting an essay contest with prizes for students who win.

The topic is : What does sight mean to you? OR How will you use your sight to change the world?

The flier is attached for anyone who is interested in participating. The essay must be turned into teachers/the doctor's office by October 25th.

Testing Information

You should be receiving an email notification from PearsonAccess Next on October 14 or during fall break. This email will contain information regarding the new vendor platform for testing; moreover, it will contain your individual login credentials. Please follow the steps outlined in the email. The purpose of the Pearson email is to allow you the opportunity to create a user account on the new assessment platform. We wanted to provide advanced notice so you would be watching for the email notification and also realize it was not spam. Of course, you can do this once you return from fall break. If you have any questions, please contact your building test coordinator or Michael Hubbard

On another note, DO NOT throw away any scan trons or testing packets from the recent 9 weeks assessments. When we get more information about what to do with them we will let you know, but in the mean time do not "circular file" them.

Tracking and Analyzing our Data

As we did last spring I am asking you to please review your DRA and 9 weeks data in order to reflect on the data, identify what the data is telling us about our students current learning reality, and what we need to do instructionally to address what the data is telling us. We will use the same form as we did last spring to review our data. If you are a math teacher (grades 3-5) you will just need to analyze your 9 weeks data completed before break. All other teachers will have DRA and if a 3rd -5th grade teacher you will also have the ELA 9 weeks data.

I realize that there isn't a spread sheet for that latest 9 weeks test because we have stepped away from Unify due to the lawyers, but I know many of you have personal notes regarding student performance /grades. Please use that to help analyze the data from those assessments. The link to the form is below. Please make a copy of the form before you enter your data. It is also in the Lincoln Elementary Shared drive all the way at the bottom below the folders as an individual document. You can store that sheet in your grade level PLC folder in our shared drive or your personal drive. I do ask that you have a copy for me (either send electronically) or have it at our last PLC meeting this month. When we review student work that last meeting on the 29th or 30th we will spend some time talking about or data and next steps in addition to talking about this month's standard focus.


The Fire Marshall will likely be paying us a visit soon. Any write ups require paperwork on my end and a plan for corrective action :(. Please help us avoid the need for paperwork by being proactive prior to the visit. PLEASE take time to read the reminders below and take any steps needed now to avoid paperwork later. Thanks for your help.

As fire marshal inspection nears, I have noticed a couple of things which are in violation in several classrooms.

  1. There is to be no storage anywhere on the top of HVAC units
  2. Classroom door windows are not to be covered which would not allow anyone from hallway to see in. This is only permissible in the event of an intruder.

Remember, have all exits clear, no doors wedged open, no chairs or desk in hallways or stair wells, no candles with a wick, nothing stored within 36”, in any direction, of an electrical panel, no extension cords used as permanent wiring, no power strips plugged into another power strip, and nothing stored within 18’ of the ceiling, (in a building that has sprinklers).

Additional reminders related to fire marshall:

  1. Large containers of hand sanitizer are not permitted. Please make sure the large containers are stored and only 2-3 regular sized containers are out in the rooms for student use.
  2. Scented “plug ins” should not be used.
  3. Door magnets will also result in a write up

Upcoming dates

Tuesday, October 22nd--

  • 4th Grade Chemistry Fair--10:30-2:30
  • Leadership Committee Meeting--3:30-5:00 Conference Room
  • Spark--3:30-5:00--Gym

Wednesday, October 23rd--

  • FLU SHOTS- 8:30-10:00ish--Conference Room
  • PTO Fall Luncheon For Teachers--During Lunches in Conference Room

Thursday, October 24th--

  • Retake Photo Day--7:30-They are done--Auditorium
  • RTI meetings--Teacher Planning Times--Conference Room
  • Custodial Walk Through -9:00-10:00--Various Classrooms

Friday, October 25th--

  • Health Screening--More info to follow--Conference Room and Auditorium
  • Benchmark Training with E. Helphinstine --9:30-10:30--TBD
  • PreK to Exchange Place 8:30-1:30
  • Benchmark Training with E. Helphinstine--2:00-3:00--TBD
  • Spark-- 3:30-5:00--Gym

Monday, October 28th--

  • Club Time--1:30-2:15
  • Faculty Meeting--3:40-5:00--School Library and TBD classroom

Upcoming event with more details coming-- Fall Fun Day! In the afternoon of the 31st! Get ready for a FUN afternoon!

Lincoln Elementary Is

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, Safe, AND A GOLD LEVEL SCHOOL!!!

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