The God Of the Sun

About Helios

Helios the god of the sun; a Titan who drove the sun's chariot across the sky. . Helios was identified with the god Apollo.
He was the father of Phaethon, who almost set the earth alight His parents were the Titans Hyperion and Thea, and his sisters were the moon goddess Selene and Eos, goddess of the dawn. He married Perse, daughter of the river god Oceanus, by whom he had the enchantress Circe and Pasiphae,

In the Odyssey, Helios was know as the god that rose from Oceanus (the river believed to encircle the earth) in the east. He traveled in a fiery chariot drawn by 4 horses. On his way from Oceanus in the east to Oceanus in the west he could see and hear everything. As a watcher over the daylight world. Helios watched numerous infidelities of different gods. Helios was a hero and many gods admired him.