About Connor Green

about me

i have lived in NY for most of my life i have one brother and one sister also 3 cats i went to elementary school in lindley presho for kindergarten and a school in washing ton state for 1st grade and then i moved backed and took 2-4 at lindley presho then my school was closed and i went to school in Erwin valley for 5 and then i went to Northside bloggdett for 6-8 and then for schoolchild just here at Cpphs. I have never had a job but i do plan to change that

My favorite school activities

history because the past is so interesting and you can learn from it and not make the same mistakes

I also enjoy science because the skills because why and how things happen and how the world is

My favorite activities out of school

I enjoy reading because it tells a story of people and it offers a escape from everyday things
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another thing i enjoy are aircraft because it is very interesting to see things that don't look like they should be in the air but they are
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another thing i enjoy is cars because you can change it how ever you want to make it your own

My 2 goals

My Goal are to pass high school it is important to me because it will help me get a job and it will also allow meto further my education

Another goal is to get is a job so i get money to buy what i want and to no rely on others and have more responsibility

I hope

I hope to pass everything this year and not by a little by a lot because i have been slacking off over the past 2 years and not doing my work and if i did my grades would have been