survival guide

By Tony larosa

how to survive in the Canadian woods

what to bring with you

you should bring a weapon,food,water bring a partner,a lighter,bring worm clothes,a flash light with extra batteries,a sharp pocket knife,and a first aid kit.

What skills you have to have

1.Camping-what you need to camp is that you need food.

2.shelter-to build shelter you have to find sticks and leafs.

3.hunting-to hunt you need a weapon to help you get food for you to eat.

4.starting a fire- to start a fire you need sticks and stones and you can use the sticks and stone by rubbing them together start a fire.

5. space blanket- To make a space blanket your body heat needs to be high so you can get warm in your tent.

6. A whistle- You should bring a whistle with you just in case you and your partner get lost and you guys can't fine each other you can use a whistle so your partner can hear it and they will follow the noise to find you.

7. changing weather- Always be prepared with surprising weather because there can be snow,rain,sleet,and hail.

8. Wild animals- Always be aware for wild animals because some of the wild animals can be very harmful like porcupines,Lepers,and snakes they are very harmful.

9. Getting lost- Make sure you make a plan or a map so you know were you are because you might get lost wile you are camping or hunting and you need to find a way back.

10. Light- Make sure you have a flashlight because when you are camping or hunting late at night you are going to see were you are going so make sure you have a flashlight.

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