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Thursday, May 12th and Friday, May 13th

Work your way through these activities at your own pace. You are expected to have this completed by Friday. If not, take home and turn in completed by Monday.

Activity 1: Coordinate Grid Grab

Click on the Activity 1 button and use "Coordinate Grid Grab" worksheet to answer these questions.

Activity 2: Create a Town

Click on the button and use "Create a Town" worksheet to complete. Make sure to write what number task card you used!

Activity 3: Coordinate Grid Problems

Both the grids and the task card questions are found in this link. Use the "Coordinate Grid Problems" worksheet to answer the questions.

Activity 4: True or False Task Cards

Use the "True or False Task Cards" sheet to answer these questions.

Activity 5: Create a Hierarchy

Complete the Hierarchy in your packet using the words that are in this link. I have filled out the first box for you!

Activity 6: 2-D Shape Classification

You will DRAW the shapes into the Venn Diagram where they belong in your packet.

Early Finishers:

  • TenMarks! I have updated your personal playlists... Take advantage to learn as much as you can!