CYBER Citizenship

Netiquette around the Web

Cyber Safety

It is important to stay safe and KEEP safe around the internet. Cyberbullying is everywhere. Cyberbulling is a type of social bullying through cybernetic devices, such as computers, phones etc.

It is mostly used in social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.).

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Cyberbullying can become so serious, it could ruin someone's life.

But there are people out ther that can help you.

There's the KidsHelpLine if you need help, to talk to anyone or to receive advice.

But it's not just cyberbullies you need to watch out for. There are many sites and ads that can trap you and try to either 1. know where you live or 2. try and access your bank account. That is not a very nice thing to do, I know. However, there are ways to stop it. If a rubbish ad comes up with an option of yes and no, don't click no because it'll automaticly turn to yes. So click the cross button.

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It is also important to WATCH what you are doing online. You never know what you might stumble across.