Toll Gator Gazette

April 2023

Mrs. Kristi Motsch - Principal

Mrs. Erika Lomonico - Assistant Principal

Ms. Ebony Woodard - Assistant Principal

Mr. Darren Drake - School Counselor

Mrs. Tassie Hall - Building Secretary

Mrs.Jaclyn Davis - Office Assistant


Dear Parents,

Spring is definitely in the air and with it many important dates. It is hard to believe but summer is just around the corner and we have already started planning for the next school year.

Third and fourth grade testing dates are listed in this newsletter and we ask that you please make sure that your child arrives on time to school these days. Students arriving late will be unable to go to their classroom until testing is completed. We also ask that you avoid scheduling appointments in the morning on testing days.

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with your families.

Educationally Yours,

Kristi Motsch


April, 7th and 10th NO School

April 11th - 4th grade ELA part 1

April 12th - 4th grade ELA part 2

April 13th - 3rd grade ELA part 1

April 14th - 3rd grade ELA part 2

April 18th - 3rd Math part 1

April 19th - 3rd Math part 2

April 25th - 4th Math part 1

April 26th - 4th Math part 2



The end of the school year is coming upon us, and we have reviewed our records regarding unpaid fees. If you have not paid your school fees this year, please do so as soon as possible.

KG- $19.00

First- $18.00

Second- $18.00

Third- $24.00

Fourth- $24.00

Your child's fees can be viewed in the parent portal. For more information on how to access this information,visit the following website: The district has posted instructions for activating accounts, using the Infinite Campus Portal, and getting help for portal related issues on this website.

You now have three payment options available to you to pay your student's fees.

1. Go to the link, and pay online via credit card or check,

2. Mail your payment to: Pickerington Local Schools Treasure's Office

90 N. East Street

Pickerington, Ohio 43147

3. Pay in person at your student's building, or at the Treasurer's office.

If you have questions regarding your student's fees, please contact Tassala Hall @ 614-833-6303


Please update any changes in address, telephone number, custody information, emergency contact information, etc. in Infinite Campus.


Reminders about Medications at School

As we go into the spring season, I would like to remind parents about the school district policy for sending in medications to school. This policy states that a note from the parent and/or doctor must accompany the medication. Below you will find information regarding the Medication Policy for Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION can be administered at school, if necessary, following all of these steps:

1. Note from physician with:

a. Name of medication

b. Dosage

c. Time to be administered

d. Side effects

e. Start/End date

f. Signature of the physician

2. Note from the parent giving permission to administer ( with parent's signature)

3. Medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container.

You may obtain a Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel Grades k-12 from in the school office or in the PLSD website.

NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION (like cough drops, Tylenol, cough syrup) can be administered, if necessary and requires:

1. Note from parent with:

a. Name of Student

b. Name of Medication

c. Time to be administered

d. dosage to be given

e. Signature of parent and date

2.Medication must be in the original container

3. Dosage must be age and weight appropriate for your child. (i.e., We cannot administer medication to children under 12 if label says: "Do not administer to children under 12, except under the direction of a physician." We need to have a note from the doctor in order to give a dose of medication that is different than the dose stated on the bottle.)

***You may obtain an Administering Nonprescription Medication-Grades K-12 form in the school office or on the PLSD website.

Any questions, please contact the School Nurse:

Tami Tackett, RN, BSN

Toll Gate Elementary

Toll Gate Middle School


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Toll Gate families here are the dates for our OST testing dates.




Tuesday 4/11


ELA part 1

Wednesday 4/12


ELA part 2

Thursday 4/13


ELA part 1

Friday 4/14


ELA part 2

Tuesday 4/18


Math part 1

Wednesday 4/19


Math part 2

Tuesday 4/25


Math part 1

Wednesday 4/26


Math part 2

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Trivia Night

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G.O.O.D WINNERS. ( Going on or Defeated )

The good program shines the spotlight on students who work hard, exhibit good citizenship and develop good study habits.


1st Q - Elliott Grose

2nd Q - Harper Frease

3rd Q - Khusi Dahal


1ST Q- Everett Martinson

2ND Q -Cameron Khun

3RD Q -Riley Harshaw


1ST Q - Emma Heiberger

2nd Q - Ryan Parsons

3rd Q -Kenzie Entinger


Q1- Willow Frease

Q2- Parker McKinney

Q3- Delanie Lockard


Q1:Addison Jackson

Q2: Luke Gallagher

Q3: Chase Clark


Quarter 1: Gwenyth Bond

Quarter 2: Addalyn Bolon

Quarter 3: Matthew Rossiter


Quarter 1: Brody Hartley

Quarter 2: Kendyl Ryland

Quarter 3: Braxton Gdovin

Chomps Champs

These students have consistently shown that they demonstrate the seven habits.

22-23 School Year

1st Grade

Mackson McKenzie Q1

Riley Wurm Q1

Brentley Brown Q2

Scarlett Blankenship Q2

Ellie Schimley Q3

Landon Spradlin Q3

2nd Grade

Kyle Brooks Q1

Logan Dellinger Q1

Nya Lesmes Q2

Ty Gillies Q2

Bella Brammer Q3

Drake Downard Q3

3rd Grade

Charlie Morris Q1

Joe Mallory Q1

Quinn Lauber Q2

Chanelle Kwarteng-Duah Q2

Peniel Otshumbe Q3

Zooey Zeto Q3

4th Grade

Ellie Hillerich Q1

Konnor Keitch Q1

Carter Stacy Q2

Christian Bellinger Hudson Q2

Logan Green Q3

Lucas Iacoboni Q3