Friday Focus

Friday, May 6, 2016 . . . vol. 3, no. 34

Friday Focus is a quick digest of news and notes for members of The Indianapolis Public Library Shared System.
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Getting those books back!

Thanks to Marsha Erickson at DHS for these clever posters encouraging students to return their books. I had to feature Batman - it's a Batt thing.

This is a good segue to what I hope will be a helpful way to prepare lists of books to be returned. Remember to use the Horizon Items and Borrowers Blocks reports available on the SharedNet so you can let people know what titles are still outstanding. You should look at books checked out, overdue and lost. These reports do NOT overlap!

I've created a Word document that imports students' names and book titles from a spreadsheet that you can create from these Horizon reports. I know it sounds complicated, but I video taped instructions for you! The link to those instructions is on the Downloads and Installations page on the SharedNet, so you have to be connected to the VPN to view them.

If you like teenagers, see this documentary

If you don't like teenagers, see this documentary. I think it should be required viewing for all educators and candidates for political office. Just sayin'. I went last week to the viewing at Central Library and it was almost standing room only. Audience was almost all teachers. (Sarah Lucas, school library manager at HCC, was there with her mom, a teacher in Decatur Twp.) The trailer above can be a little shocking. The issues these teenagers have faced are far more shocking. The film gave some background on ACES (the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) and the effects those experiences have on brain development. We watched the kids learning about ACES, their learning and saw how they navigated adolescence with the help of an incredibly caring school staff.

Here is the ACES survey that the students took. One of the teachers at the program told me all of the teachers at her school in Warren Twp had taken it, and that the results had given them some good insights into their own staff.

Please try to fit this next viewing of Paper Tigers into your very crowded schedules. It is well worth the sacrifice of free time!

May 12th, 5:30-8:00pm at Lawrence North High School, 7802 N. Hague Road


Dr. Brandie Oliver, Butler University


Christy Gauss, School Social Worker

Mandy Scott, Lawrence Township M.S.D.

Kimble Richardson, Community Health Network

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When we told you about the Reading Level (Lexile) search feature now appearing in our card catalog, many of you mentioned that you’d like to see this feature moved up the page instead of being buried at the bottom.

You asked, we listened!

As of this week, you and your patrons will now find the Reading Level (Lexile) search feature just under the “Read-Alikes” section of the item record. This is in both SHERLOC and our standard catalog.

Thanks to the folks who have contacted me with questions when eResources didn't work the way they should. I love to answer questions. You can reach me here. (You might want to save my address in your Contacts list.)

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The 2015-2016 Young Hoosier Book Award results are in and our winners are:

For the Picture Book category - The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt with 9,364 votes out of 43,525 votes.

For the Intermediate Book category - Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein with 1,048 votes out of 8,155 votes.

For the Middle Grades category - Unbreakable by Kami Garcia with 207 votes out of 2,081 votes.

Voting on the Eliot Rosewater award winner ended last week, but they must still be counting! No announcements have been made as of this writing.

Also, I have news about National Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 7! Learn more about it here!

Once again, IndyPL and Downtown Comics are partnering to provide comic books to your location on a first come, first serve basis, until supplies run out.

Join the Friends of the Library

They want to be your friend, too!

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Summer Reading Lists, Tailor Made

For those of you with 4th through 6th grade students who need summer reading suggestions, I prepared a prototype email list for Our Lady of Lourdes to check out. The list is of all the Summer Reading Program Bonus Books - all 51 of them! The titles are hyperlinked to a catalog search, and I included info about reading levels and the formats the titles come in (print, ebook, CD, eaudio, Spanish, Chinese, French). I've been reading these books since Janet Spaulding (IndyPL's extraordinary juveile selector) first put the list together and I can assure you there are some really good reads on the list! This is a list that will interest both the big reader and the reluctant reader, the teacher who loves classics and the teacher who likes current fiction.

The book list itself is an email, with a hyperlink at the top, a lot like Friday Focus. You can email the list to students, teachers, or families. You can also create a link on your school or library website directly to the list in case they "accidentally" delete the email! If you want to, go look at the whole list and see for yourself!

If you want a list for your school, let me know and I'll drop your logo in. If you want to change the photo at the top, maybe include a photo of your principal reading instead, I can do that, too!

For students in other grades, send in your lists and we'll use LibraryAware, a product of the same folks who bring us NoveList, to create annotated book lists. I'll include the added info about the variety of formats we have available for the titles on the list.

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Bilingual Author Visits TWO Shared System Kindergartens

Jose Luis Orozco, author of De Colores: and Other Latin American Folk Songs, visited with kindergarteners on the west side last week. Here kindergarteners from Christel House West (blue shirts) and St. Anthony's (red shirts) join in a fast-paced macarena. They loved being able to sing in Spanish and in English, but they especially loved seeing their teachers performing with Mr. Orozco! Thanks to the IndyPL Foundation for making Mr. Orozco's visit to these two Shared System schools possible.

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