Mi vida en Colombia

Clase de español 3 - 1st Nine Weeks - Carla

What would your family income be in Colombia?

My family income would be $2.88M - $3.12M. My dad's job is an Electrical Engineer. My mom stays at home & takes care of my sister and I.
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What city & neighborhood would you live in?

I would live in a gated neighborhood & most likely Bogotá because Houston is so populated in Texas and Bogotá is highly populated in Colombia.

What time of dwelling would your family live in? How much would rent or your house cost?

We would most likely live in an apartment because of the cost differences, and it would be $137,000-$735,000.
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How many cars would your family have? What types of cars?

We would have 3 cars. One for my mom (a decently sized minivan), one for my dad (a small SUV), & one for me (a decently sized SUV). The prices would range to be around COL$53,000,000 each.

Where would you go to school?

I would go to school at any public school that I would be zoned to (such as Colegio Gran Bretana). Here I only go to a private school because it also a Christian & College Preparatory School all in one. Also, I've gone to church here ever since I can remember, which makes me going to this school a no-brainer.
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What classes would you be taking? What would your schedule be?

I would be taking classes that would prepare me to go into Computer Science or Engineering in college. My goal is to be high up in the industry & working for Apple. Obviously I would be taking academic classes that were required of me, but I would try to get my best effort in to take a computer class or something involving computer softwares. My schedule would most likely be academic classes as well as those extra computer classes.

What extracurricular activities would you be involved in?

I would be involved with choir or anything involving singing because it is my passion. I would also most likely be in volleyball & swim team because I really like those two sports, but because I enjoy the theatre program at Second Baptist, I don't have enough time to participate in that.

What activities would you do with your friends after school? What about on weekends?

I would hang out with my friends at the mall or at after school activities. I would most likely be hanging out with them during the week at one of our houses and doing homework. On the weekends, I would most likely be going on adventures on the weekends as well as going to church & participating in church activities.

If you have a driver's license here, would you have one there? What transportation would you use to school and to other activities?

I would be allowed to have a driver's license there because the age of getting a driver's license is also 16 like in the U.S. I would most likely use the bus to get to school there because I would probably attend public school.

What would your typical meals be ?

Based off of the Colombian restaurants I've been to in Houston, I believe that I would enjoy the following meals:

Breakfast - Quora

Lunch - Chicharron

Dinner - Empanadas

Where would your family shop for groceries?

My family would shop for groceries at the local grocery store. The main one in Colombia is called Carulla.
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Where would you shop for clothes? Do they cost the same there? What would you wear to school?

I would shop for clothes online because I would rather have clothes from American stores, and lots of the stores I like all ship to Colombia. The prices in Colombia would be MUCH cheaper than in the U.S. because every 1 U.S. dollar is equivalent to 2931.52 Colombian Pesos.

Who would be a national celebrity you might like?

Because I already listen to Shakira's music, I think that I would like her as a celebrity when living in Colombia.
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What type of music would you hear?

My favorite singer from Colombia is Shakira, so the music I would probably hear would be hers.
Shakira - Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte

Where could you go on vacation?

I could go on vacation to Caribbean islands or possibly European countries. Those places interest me the most so I would probably be going there.