06 04 Isis Presentation

Domanique Richardson

What is Isis?

Isis is an Islam militant group that has seized an area of land stretching from Northern Syria to Central Iraq. Isis makes leaders around the world fearful. Isis stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Goals of Isis

Isis wants to establish a new Islamic form of government. Isis also has long-term goals. One of their major long-term goals are to take over the world.

Isis on Social Media

Isis has drawn in more than 20,000 foreign fighters to Syria and Iraq. Isis is recruiting fighters from all over the world. It's difficult to encounter Isis on social media sites too. They are very secretive. They are creating the world of real-world fighters for their cause.

Continuing on Isis on Social Media

Isis posts videos and messages constantly from over 90,000 social media sites, like Twitter pages. There is a minimum of 1,000 Isis support Twitter accounts. A lot of accounts get suspended because they get in trouble for violent content.