Black Jaguar

Nate Nieto Peroid 3 5/16/16

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Black Jaguars live in inhabited wet forests and jungles from central Mexico through most of South America.(sirs They can also be found in rainforest to seasonally flooded swamp areas, scrubland and savannas, but always near water.(

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They found out that jaguar move preferentially to undisturbed forests and that females avoid moving close to roads and to areas with even low levels of human occupation. Males also avoid roads, but to a lesser degree, and appear undisturbed by human population density.(

Body Covering

Some of them have black-on-black coloration. Black jaguars has black fur with spots that are harder to distinguish.( Jaguar's spots are also different. On its sides and back, a jaguar's spots are each circle of -spots around a central spot, while the spots on the legs, head and underside are a solid black.

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They like to eat turtles, fish, peccaries, deer, tapirs, cattle, capybaras, and caimans.( Also they also eat crocodiles, rodents, armadillos, birds, monkeys, and sheep. (


Female jaguars give birth to 1in 4 cubs after a gestation period of 93-105 days. Young jaguars remain with there mothers for about two years.( Female jaguars sexually mature at about 2 years of age; males at 3 to 4 years. Mating in the wild or in captivity may occur at many time; the female is receptive for a for about 6 to 17 days.


Jaguars have several adaptations that allow them to be one of the most successful creatures in the tropical rainforests. Firstly, jaguars have jaws and a large head equipped for piercing the skull of their prey with their canines. Unlike every other large cat, who attack at the neck, jaguars often kill their prey with a single bite to the back of the head. As the jaguar is extremely fast, together their attack method, their sharp teeth and claws, and their speed the jaguar is an unstoppable force on the forest floor. Another adaptation jaguars have is that they are primarily nocturnal, with high activity levels at dusk and dawn when the majority of the tropical rainforest species would be asleep.

Another adaptation jaguars posses is the fact they are exceptional swimmers. Because tropical rainforests are usually full of flooded swamp areas, this adaptation comes in handy when they are trying to catch food or simply cool off. (

Other info

Black Jaguars are the biggest cats in America. ( Jaguar are endangered because of there habitat being destroyed, hunting and persecution by cattle ranchers. The Black jaguars are the 3rd biggest cat in the world.