Pretoria, South Africa

By, Jindara

Introduction & Location

Hello! My name is Jin!! Today I'm going to tell you about a hot and beautiful place. Its called Pretoria. If you want to find it, it's located in South Africa, but for those of you who want to visit by boat, it's coordinates are 22.7 461degrees S, 28.1881degrees E.You know when your there when you see tree's with purple leaves.

What It Looks Like

These tree's are called Jacaranda Tree's. I'll explain to you what they look like to get a better image of it in your head(or you can just look at the picture). They are tropical American trees(they're also in other countries). Their leaves are purple and trumpet-shaped. Their kinda fern-like. In the dark, the tree's look blue.

Reason & Cleanliness

If you're looking for Pretoria by region, you can find it in the Northern part of Gauterg Province, South Africa. However, I will warn you of some things that happen, and are, in Pretoria. Lets start with the highest pollution rates. The place is barely clean...but...BUT IT'S STILL BEAUTIFUL!

Cleanliness continued....

Anyways, On To Pollution ! You have 73.61(that's high) on Air Pollution. 81.25(that's very high) on dirty and untidy. Some more high's I found were for Water Pollution, dissatisfaction to spend time in the city, and dissatisfaction with the green and parks in the city(except Jacaranda Tree's).


I know a lot of people don't like to walk, so they use cars and other transportation. See, Pretoria has a limited public, and safe, transportation modes. The area consist of unreliable bus networks and a series of minibus taxi routes. I'm sorry to say that, neither operates after dark. If you wan't to be safe during day and night, you use a private car or the high-speed rail links.

Transportation continued....

If your looking for rail links, find something called a 'Gautrain. If you choose to look for directions on the internet, the you should search this-"Directions to the nearest 'Gautrain rail link, Pretoria." For a good website, click on the one that says ""That website has train schedules and directions. That is all about Pretoria, so..... GOODNIGHT, EVREEEEEHBUDDAYYYYY!!