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Newsletter 13 April 2021


The first term of 2021 has been a busy one for us at Point View and I believe that it has provided plenty of opportunities for learning.

I was fortunate to be able to spend a day on camp with the Year 6 group at Finlay Park on the banks of the Waikato River near Cambridge. I saw some remarkable examples of learning which included growing independence, increasing self-confidence, leadership development and teambuilding.

I observed one young man moving around the gym/events centre helping parents ensure carabiners were attached properly and fastened securely. He had the calm assurance of one who is well trained and able to cope in an emergency. This was one of our Year 6 students – I felt very proud of his confidence and capabilities.

Many students were already soaked to the skin before we set off through the stream and up the steep, muddy pathway that forms the Adventure Trail. They stepped well outside their comfort zone but discovered that they were more than capable of negotiating a climb with mud and water getting everywhere ... and I mean everywhere! They persevered and had a great sense of accomplishment as they completed the course and headed back to camp for a well-earned hot shower.

Our recent Senior Assembly highlighted some of the outdoor learning opportunities provided this term. I echo Mrs Hibberd’s thanks to all parents and teachers who have gone out of their way to provide fun and safe but challenging opportunities for our students. I place a high value on outdoor education and am committed to its place in our school curriculum.

I wish all our families a safe and happy holiday and look forward to the rest of the year learning together at Point View School.

Thank You Mrs Tanner!

For the last 14 years, Trish Tanner has been at the heart of our school's Administration Team. Trish is now taking a very well-earned retirement so leaves us at the end of this term.

Trish will be greatly missed. Her wicked sense of humour, her outgoing personality and her unwavering love for children have ensured that she is not only well know throughout our school community, but also well-loved.

We wish her all the very best for her retirement and expect to welcome her back frequently to enjoy her legacy of excellent morning teas.

Robin Kirkham


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Welcome to our new students

Carter and Ariel


Our small group of parents and staff are a great link between the school and home. A fantastic way for parents to be involved in the school and to make new friends.

Elections for the committee will be held on 6 May, they need more people to join this warm and welcoming group to ensure they can carry on adding great value to the school.

Nomination Form

Road Patrol Help Needed

We urgently need help with the crossing on Kilkenny Drive on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:20am till 8:50am. We have no parent help to supervise the crossing at the moment. If you can help please contact us in the office admin@pointview.school.nz. This is a very important role as it involves the safety of all our students.

Wetsuits Needed Please

The Year 6 students participate in Waterwise, a learning to sail and kayak programme. If anyone has any wetsuits that they are no longer using, which would fit 10 and 11 year old children, could you please drop them into the office.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday 14 April - Waterwise for Room 19
  • Thursday 15 April - Pizza Day
  • Friday 16 April - Last day of Term 1. Full School Assembly at 9am everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Monday 3 May - First day of Term 2


If you would like to place an advertisement relating to student activities or interests please contact as on admin@pointview.school.nz
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