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Upcoming Dates

Sept 22-25-- Book Fair

Wed., Sept. 24- Thurs., Sept. 25--Parent Teacher Conferences

Thurs, Sept. 25 - NO SCHOOL

Friday, Sept 26 - NO SCHOOL

Oct. 1 at 7:00 - Internet Safety Night in Cafeteria

Oct. 8 -- International Walk to School Day

Oct. 24 - Movie Night (outside on the back field, weather permitting)

Parent Teacher conferences are NEXT WEEK! I'm looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's goals and our goals for his/her 3rd grade year. The school office is in charge of scheduling the conferences, so make sure you sign up early to get the time slot that you need. Click on this link to request a time or to double check your time if you've already signed up:

Sending a great big THANK YOU to our PTO!

The 3rd grade team would like to thank you for your support of PTO! Because of your support we were granted science items, a DNA kit, digital scales, impact car, and Ernie Miller Ecosystems! We are so excited to have these resources as we teach the science standards this year! This will help our activities be more hands-on and engaging for each student! Thank you so much!

PTO also purchased a smart board application for Hands-On Equations: Making Algebra Child's Play. It is an amazing system that teaches kids algebra using a hands on approach. PTO had previously purchased the classroom set and my teacher set to use as a display. Now we have the interactive application for the Smart Board in my classroom. I typically start incorporating Hands-On Equations during the second semester. You'll be amazed with the algebraic equations your child can solve! :) Thank you, PTO!

Curriculum Corner

September 15 - 19

Spelling-- A new list, 10 spelling words and 5 vocabulary words, will be in child's Monday folder. Students will be practicing spelling words with final consonant blends with short vowels. Test will be on Friday.

List A-grasp, arrest, desk, string, absent, significant, skunk, chipmunk, young, among

List B-lisp, dust, mask, wing, hint, front, talent, trunk, ring, wrong

Vocabulary-blizzard, tsunami, flood, volcano, drought

We will be having a vocabulary test this Friday, September 19th. The students are to create 5 sentences that SHOW the meaning of the vocabulary word and not just use the definition for their sentence. They need to remember proper punctuation, capitalization while spelling the word and using it correctly in the sentence. (They have the words spelled for them at the top of the page.)

Math-- We will continue Topic 2 this week. The Topic 2 test will be next Tuesday. Students will use their place value knowledge to help them add and subtract numbers using several different methods.

Science/ Reading-- We are starting our natural disaster research project! Last Friday, the students formed an opinion about the worst natural disaster and from those opinions I have created small groups to work in. The students will brainstorm driving questions for their project, research their disaster, take notes and create a final project to present next week.

I will continue to meet with small reading groups this week as we continue to read about weather and work on main idea.

**We will be talking today about the Odile, the hurricane, striking the Pacific Coast right now! This is also something you can talk about at home because it correlates with what we talked about last week!

Writing-- The students are continuing to work their stories this week as they edit and publish their writing this week.

Grammar-- The class will be continuing to review nouns (common, proper, plural, and possessive), pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.