Physical and Chemical Changes

By Alexis Juarez

Physical Properties

Any Characteristic of a material that can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the material.


  • Color and Shape
  • Length and Mass
  • Volume and Density

Physical Change

The physical property of a substance changed, but the identity of the substance dose not change.


  • Change from one state of matter to the next.
  • Melting 0 degrees C and, boiling point 100 degrees C.
  • Slicing Bead,melting ice, mowing the lawn.

Chemical Properties

Any characteristic that gives a change that results in a new substance.


  • Flammabitity
  • Reacts to oxygen
  • React with light
  • Reacts with water

Chemical Change

A change in the identity of a substance due to the chemical properties of the substance.


  • Paper burning to ash.(Flammability)
  • Fruit rooting .(Reacts with oxygen)
  • Vitamin changing color.(Heat and Light)
  • water broken down.(Electricity)