Soundation and


EQ: How can we create form in the Soundation studio?


  • Students will begin to use Soundation and their knowledge of Form to create an original piece of music.


  • Soundation - Music creation program that allows the composer to add pre-recorded beats together.
  • Form - how the music is organized.


  • Soundation Account, Direction sheet, review videos

Remember the different types of forms?

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Review Form and be sure you know how to create it!

Go to Studio and Log in

Go to the Soundation Studio website.

Choose and write a form

Choose one of the forms above (binary, Ternary, or Theme and Variation) and create a piece of music that displays your chosen form using the Soundation Studio.


Once you are happy with you created for today and you have included all of the requirements.

  • Go to File - "Save As" (This will allow you to save the file for yourself)

Name your File - Songwriting_Form

  • Then go to "Export .wav File" (This will save an audio file you can submit into Moodle!)


  • Create a piece in Soundation using one of the forms above (Binary, Ternary, or Theme and Variation)
  • You must have at least 30 measures of music.
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  • Your music must include at least one special effect or expression from the previous lesson.

Submit the exported .wav file in Moodle along with:

  • Your Name
  • Name of form you chose to demonstrate.
  • Description of the sections in your form (Example: Section A - has multiple ostinatos going on at the same time, Section B - has very limited effects)
  • Explanation of special effect or expression used (Example: Section A made a very large crescendo from Piano to Forte)

This is worth 25 Points!