Computer Sciences 4 All

A self-paced PD opportunity to explore CS for your classroom

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This Spring 2018 course will provide Weld RE-4 Educators the opportunity to engage with robots, apps, coding, curriculum and support as they increase their comfort level with integrating computer sciences into their existing classroom curricula.

Modeled after the Department of Technology's micro-credential point system in TTL, teachers will earn and accumulate points for engaging in online activities, hands-on playground experiences, application tasks and reflective practice. A menu of ala carte choices for teachers to customize their experience is provided within Canvas, as participants pick and choose what they want to learn, when they learn and how they will incorporate their fresh ideas. Once teachers have earned badges for each item, they will be able to check out a classroom kit to use with coaching support in their classrooms!

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Each Kit has a corresponding opportunity to learn, implement and earn points in Canvas!

  • Understand - Online resources and How-to-Use guides are provided, along with integrated use examples. (1 Point)
  • Experience - Play time is important for teachers to feel comfortable using the kits in their classrooms! Join us at an After School Playground or a Lunch and Learn (Surprise teacher's lounge drop ins!) to just play and collaborate! (1 Point)
  • Apply - Now for the fun! Bring the kits into your classroom and embed learning into your content the kids grow in their use of future-ready skills! (1 point)
  • Reflect - We know this is one of the most important steps for a growth mindset - especially when trying something new! Take some time to reflect in the Canvas Course about what went well, challenges you encountered and how you will iterate for the next time around. (1 point)
  • LAUNCH - Liked the unit so much, your students want to apply what they learned to a Design Thinking Challenge? Build and implement a LAUNCH unit with support of your iTEAM coach, of course! (7 points)

Every 7.5 points earned can be "cashed in" in May to earn District Credit or CEUs!

Contact Curtis or Sheila with any questions!