Weekly Reminders

Wk 1 Term 3 - Week Commencing Tue 19th July

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Dear Families

Goodness gracious - can you believe that another term has ended already? Wishing you all a very happy, safe and relaxing holiday break with your children everyone. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can all stay virus free!

Unfortunately a number of staff have been affected by either COVID or a cold/flu in the past couple of weeks. While these things are beyond our control, we are most fortunate in that we have a group of teachers who are currently on Maternity Leave, who have been relieving in these situations. This is very advantageous for students as they then have a teacher who knows our school, knows the children and is an experienced teacher.

When we return from the holidays a number of students will be in a position where they will be vulnerable to catching COVID for a second time. Parents continue to be reminded to please remain vigilant about testing, and keeping children home if they are unwell. Thank you again for your most wonderful support in this area.

Pupil Free Days

As per the St Emilie's Google Calendar, you are reminded that Thursday and Friday this week (30th June and 1st July) and the first Monday of next term (18th July) are PUPIL FREE DAYS , reserved for staff professional learning.

Semester One Reports

Your child's Semester One Report became available to be accessed via your SEQTA Engage account, as of yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 28th June.

A reminder to please make the time to read through your child's report carefully. Clearly what you might say to a Year One child will be very different to what you might communicate to a Year 5 or 6 student. Nonetheless, it would be a missed opportunity to not reinforce how proud you are of all their efforts, and how committed you are to supporting them to being the very best learner (and person) they can be.

  • Remind your child of their strengths and what they are capable of.

It is worth remembering that school reports only grade particular skills, and while these are helpful to read about, may not necessarily be the areas in which your child shines. Try to highlight a strength, a quality, a behaviour or an achievement that you have noticed in your child, or celebrated with them, in the past 6 months and remind them about it. Reinforce that they are capable of achieving great things, even if this report might not necessarily reflect some of these special 'outside of school' qualities and/or achievements.

  • Discuss the importance and value of a good education.

Try to reinforce the importance of a good school and why making the most of every opportunity St Emilie's gives them is an investment in their learning, their wellbeing and in their future. Set some goals together (even if these change over time), as these will help them to target where their time, energy and focus might be best directed.

  • Calmly talk about some of the challenges.

Try to find out what might be getting in the way of their learning progress. Was it that they didn’t understand something in class? Was it that they were too distracted sitting next to their best friend? Have they been putting in enough effort? Have they been applying a good attitude? Identifying the obstacles is crucial to moving forward and improving results. It may require you to become more involved and follow up with the teacher next term, being sure not to blame either teacher or child, but rather to seek understanding.

  • Offer your help.

As you plan goals and strategies together, offer to help them in whatever way they may need. This could be in the form of helping them with their homework each evening, monitoring their sleep and diet, making sure they have a good space to work in at home, encouraging, helping them write their goals and so on.

  • Avoid comparing.

As the quotes included in this newsletter remind us, a child's journey, including their learning journey, should not be understood as a race or competition, but rather a gradual unfolding of interests, talents, skills, connections, knowledge, progress, creativity, discoveries, and a whole lot more! As I have alluded to many times, comparison is the thief of joy, so please avoid comparing your own children's reports with each other, or indeed, your child's report, with the report of a friend's child. This is unhelpful and can do more harm than good.

Along with the sustained efforts of the leadership team and the staff, please keep remembering that your attitude, your encouragement, your challenge, your modelling, your care to provide a safe and calm home environment, your high expectations and your consistent support, are what will make a defining difference to your child's progress.

Thank you for all the ways you are setting up your child for success! May the school holidays be a time to invest in learning of a different kind - learning about the dynamics of family relationships, and modelling a wise and positive approach. You can do it Mums and Dads!

Wishing you the very best ...

As I prepare to head off on LSL until the end of the year, I would like to sincerely thank Stuart Munro for taking on the Acting Principal role and to Sara Tonkin, Maria Harvey, Tracy Aroozoo and all staff, students and families for supporting him. I leave, safe in the knowledge that St Emilie's is in very good hands.

While the role of Principal is an incredibly complex and demanding one, I feel extremely humbled and grateful for the many opportunities it affords me, to walk alongside and to support all members of our special school community.

We have much to celebrate and to feel so very proud of and I look forward to returning in 2023 to do it all over again!

Many thanks for a wonderful Semester One and all the very best for the remainder of the year. Now that we have returned to our normal events and activities, the next two terms promise good times ahead!

God bless you all.

Kindest regards

Tania Thuijs


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Important Letter regarding Accessing your Child's Report for Semester One

If there is any aspect of your child's report that you wish to discuss with your child's teacher you are asked to please wait until early next term. Staff have two full days of Professional Learning tomorrow and Friday and then they are on leave. Thank you!
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A Snapshot of Learning across our school...

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In Year 3 Blue we've been thinking about strategy in games and modifying rules to make them more challenging and more fun (critical thinking skills) They have come up with some amazing ideas and have had a lot of fun along the way!

Year 4's

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Throughout the term we have been researching the life and principal voyage of three explorers; Vasco Da Gama, Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan. This week we were able to present our research to the class.

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Excursions value-add to class learning!

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Events that have shaped Australia!

6G have been very busy these last few days of the term creating their “Important Australian Event” Dioramas. This task was a culmination of an entire unit of work where students have been analysing, researching, and completing various inquiry tasks about events that have shaped Australia.
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Term 3 Key Events

Monday 18th July - Pupil Free Day

Thursday 21st July - MOPS Morning Tea with guest speaker - Kylie Goodes our School Social Worker
Friday 22nd July - 9am to 10.30am St Emilie’s House Cross Country

Friday 22nd July - P&F Peg Fundraiser - Order Forms and payment due

Thursday 28th July - Interschool Cross Country @ Tomato Lake (Year 4-6) -

Friday 29th July - Year 3 Grandparents Day Assembly (Year 4 to 6 to attend) followed by Morning Tea

Monday 1st August - week commencing - Life Ed Van (Health) for students

Monday 2nd August - Christian Dance @ Chapel of St Brigid, Mercy College

Wednesday 3rd August - 8.45am P & F Meeting

Wednesday 3rd August - Guest Speaker Paul Litherland - CYBER SAFETY Talk for Parents & Students -

Friday 5th August - P&F Pasta Day

Monday 8th August - Feast of St Mary MacKillop

Monday 8th August - MacKillop House Day

Wednesday 10th August - 9am Feast of St Mary MacKillop Mass

Wednesday 10th August - 4pm and 5.30pm Confirmation Workshops

Wednesday 10th August - 6pm School Advisory Council Meeting

Thursday 11th August - Year 3 Scitech Excursion

Friday 12th August - 8.45am Year 2 Assembly (PP to Yr 3 to attend) followed by Morning Tea

Saturday 20th August - 6pm Holy Communion Mass

Sunday 21st August - 9.30am Holy Communion & 5pm Holy Communion Mass

Week of Monday 22nd August - YAY Week - no homework/homework club/ or chess club

Tuesday 23rd August - 11.15am to 12.45pm St Emilie’s School Choir - Vasto Club, Balcatta

Thursday 25th August - 6.30pm to 9.30pm Dance Troupe - Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre -

Monday 29th August - Book Week

Wednesday 31st August - 8.45am P & F Meeting

Friday 2nd September - P&F Family Breakfast

Friday 2nd September - Year 1 Assembly (PP to Year 3 to attend)

Week commencing 5th September - Year 1/2 Hand/Eye (all week)

Wednesday 7th September - 6pm School Advisory Council Meeting

Friday 9th September - 8.45am PP Assembly & morning Tea

Friday 9th September - House Field Events Day--Years 4 to 6

Monday 12th September - De Vialar House Day -

Wednesday 14th September - 4 – 6pm Open Classrooms

Friday 16th September - House Carnival (onsite) -

Saturday 17th September - 6pm Confirmation Mass

Sunday 18th September - 9.30am Confirmation Mass

Wednesday 21st September - 9am Mission Mass

Thursday 22nd September - Last day for students

Friday 23rd September - Pupil Free Day

Term 4 Key Events

Thursday 13th October - Yr 6 Graduation Photo

Tuesday 18th October - Yr 6 Basketball Carnival

Friday 21st October Colour Fun Run - (in school time)

Monday 24th October - Interschool Jumps Day

Tuesday 25th October - Interschool Athletics

Wednesday 26th October - P&F Meeting - 8.45am

Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th October - Bully Zero In-class workshops for children

Tuesday 1st November - All Saints Day

Wednesday 2nd November - All Souls Day -

Wednesday 2nd November - 6pm School Advisory Council Meeting

Monday 7th - Wednesday 9th November - Year 6 Camp

Monday 21st November - Pupil Free Day - Two Way Interview Day

Wednesday 23rd November -P & F Meeting–8.45am 2023 Planning mtg -

Wednesday 30th November - 6pm School Advisory Council Meeting

Friday 2nd December - Edu-dance Concerts

Tuesday 6th December - Graduation Mass, Supper and Item

Wednesday 7th December - Kindy & PP Celebration Day

Thursday 8th December - Year 1 to 6 Afternoon Celebration

Thursday 8th December -3.30pm Semester 2 Reports online

Friday 9th December - 9am Whole School Thanksgiving Mass and Morning Tea

Friday 9th December - 10.30am to 2.30pm Year 6 Big Day Out

Friday 9th December - Last Day for Students

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Performing Arts Information for Term 3

St Emilies School Choir will perform on Tuesday 23rd August at the Vasto Club, Balcatta from 11.15am to 12.45pm.

Tickets for parents who wish to attend are available through 'Try Booking' on the Spirit of the Arts website http://www.spiritofthearts.com.au Tickets available from the 4th July.

Dance Troupe will perform on Thursday 25th August at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Tickets will be available through Ticketek from Monday 18th July.

More information will be sent home to Dance Troupe members.

Christian Dance students will perform on Tuesday 2nd August 12.30pm, Mercy College, The Chapel of St Brigid Koondoola. Tickets for parents who wish to attend are available through 'Try Booking' on the Spirit of the Arts website http://www.spiritofthearts.com.au Tickets available from the 4th July.

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Cross Country Information for Term 3


We ask that children in Year 3 to 6 wear their House Top ( Mazenod/Gannon/De Vialar/Mackillop) to school.

We hope to begin the first race at 9:15am and finish by 10:30am. The estimated event times are as follows:

9:15am - Year 3

9:30am - Year 4

9:50am - Year 5

10:10am - Year 6

If it is raining on the day, we will bring each year group out for their race. They will return to their class at the conclusion of the race.

Paul Davis

Health & Phys Ed Teacher

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What are we fundraising for?

This year we are busily saving for the new Year 3-6 playground equipment.

In addition, P&F funds this year will be used to offset some of the cost of:

  • Mathletics
  • Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress
  • Literacy Pro
  • Sport Equipment
  • Digital Tech resources
  • Library books

Please note: No Homework or Chess Club in YAY Week - Week 6 23rd August

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Peg Fundraiser - ORDER FORM

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Paul Litherland - Cyber Safety Educator and Campaigner

2022_WA_AOTY_Paul Litherland

Paul Litherland is coming to St Emilie's!


In the last five years of his career as a police officer in Western Australia, Paul Litherland worked in the force’s Technology Crime Unit. While there, he became acutely aware of just how vulnerable kids were on the internet. He also felt frustration at the lack of legislation available to help fight internet crime.

In response, Paul began conducting cyber safety presentations at schools. By 2014, he’d turned his passion into a business – founding Surf Online Safe to educate teachers, students and parents about internet awareness and safety.

Today he’s one of Australia’s leading experts in the field. A highly sought-after speaker, Paul has spoken at more than 550 schools and organisations across the country, sharing his cyber safety educational presentations with upwards of 250,000 people.

Paul experienced a terrible motorbike accident in 2004 where he was initially told he’d never walk or work again. Despite this, he defied the odds and has gone on to be an inspiration to many.

We look forward to him speaking with our kids and parent community here at St Emilie's next term.

Google Calendar and Weekly Reminders

St Emilie's School Website Link

All parents are to refer to the St Emilie's Google Calendar to stay informed of upcoming events.

This live calendar is located on the FRONT PAGE of our school website and has the most up to date information for families.

The Weekly Reminders Newsletter is emailed each Friday afternoon and is also posted on the School Website. Please get into the habit of reading through the Weekly Reminders as it keeps you up to date with what is going on in our school each week.

School Holiday Activites

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From Monday 11 to Friday 15 July 2022, the Premier’s Reading Challenge will host a range of free sessions and activities across the City of Perth.

All events are free, but bookings are essential for many of them.


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Weeks 1-5 = LOVE

Week 1: Love One Another

Week 2: Make sure everyone is included

Week 3: Help everyone feel important and special

Week 4: Be positive and affirm others

Week 5: Love is treating other people as you would like them to treat you - with care and respect

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When an individual receives a COVID-19 positive result, the individual is deemed by WA Health unlikely to suffer from re-infection for a period of 12 weeks. Therefore, further Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) testing when subsequently unwell is not required, as a COVID-19 positive result may be returned throughout this period while the initial virus is being shed.

However, where a person is unwell within their 12-week period and are showing symptoms of COVID-19, WA Health reiterate that the impacted person should remain home until symptoms subside, particularly where symptoms are respiratory in nature (e.g. productive cough).

Scenario 1:

Student A tested positive to COVID-19 on 22 May 2022 at 1:00pm.
Student A completed their isolation on 29 May at 1:01pm.
Student A has had a family member test positive to COVID on 17 June 2022.
Student A is feeling unwell on 19 June 2022, with a productive cough.
Student A is not required to take a RAT, but stays home until the cough subsides.
Student A returns to school on 22 June 2022 when the respiratory symptoms subside,

and the student is feeling well.

Scenario 2:

Student B tested positive to COVID-19 on 12 May 2022 at 4:00pm.
Student B completed their isolation on 19 May 2022 at 4:01pm.
Student B has had a family member test positive to COVID on 10 June 2022.
Student B is feeling well, but is instructed to take a RAT by their parent.
Student B returns a positive RAT result, but is not symptomatic of COVID-19.
Student B is permitted to attend school, providing the student feels well

and is asymptomatic.

All unwell COVID-19 symptomatic students should remain home and refrain from coming to school.

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Leaving early

1. While we understand it is difficult to make specialist appointments outside of school hours, we strongly encourage you to do so where possible.

2. Please ensure you are emailing the class teacher along with admin If your child is going to be taken out of school for an appointment early.

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School Social Worker

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Numero – Family and Home Use

Join this fun, hands-on workshop to see what Numero can do for your children! This workshop is for parents and/or children from age 10+. Learn to play the game and see how it will improve maths for the whole family!

For your children, this will improve maths in all areas, not just basic numeracy, although that is part of it, but also with their fluency, problem solving and general understanding of concepts.

Whilst this workshop is designed for children aged 10+ parents will also see how they can use Numero with any younger children, as Numero can be played from about the age of 3.

This workshop is also suitable for teachers who wish to learn how to play Numero and introduce it to their class.

Julie is the Numero specialist and her passion for this game is contagious!

Date: 12 July 2022
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Location: MAWA Office, 12 Cobbler Place Mirrabooka
Cost: From $20 for members and from $30 for non-members
Register: HERE

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A Girl Power Workshop is being run during the July school holidays in our local area.

This workshop aims to help support girls to celebrate their individuality and identify their unique strengths.

Through fun activities, we guide them in how to identify and develop positive relationships and navigate friendship challenges. The girls are taught practical means to help them sleep better, handle anxiety and overwhelm, and negotiate their emotions in real-time, by understanding a growth mindset to become more resilient.

Girls come away from a knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives, and with increased social awareness.

Suitable for ages: 9 – 11 (flexible depending on maturity).

Date: Tuesday 12th July

Time: 9.30 am – 2.00 pm

Location: Baker's House - Kids Activity Room, 10 Welcome Meander HARRISDALE

: - https://events.humanitix.com/girl-power-workshop-harrisdale

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The City of Gosnells has a number of wonderful programs for children of all ages, at a number of locations.

For more information on any of the programs please check out their website HERE

You might also like to follow their Facebook page by clicking


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Eucharist Workshop - Year 4 Families

Parents of Year Four children who will be making their First Holy Communion are advised that the Eucharist Workshops will be held online. More information and links will be sent home prior to the end of the term.

Please note the Sacrament of 1st Eucharist Masses for 2022 will be held on the following dates:

Saturday 20th August at 6pm Mass

Sunday 21st August at 9.30am Mass

Sunday 21st August at 5pm Mass

Parish Bulletin for this Weekend's Masses

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St Emilie's Parish

Office hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Mail: PO Box 5184, Canning Vale South WA 6970

An appointment to see a priest is required.

Parish Priest: Fr. Jean-Noël Marie

Email: Jean-noel.marie@perthcatholic.org.au


Email: stemilie.office@iinet.net.au

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Uniform Shop Contact Information

Image Embroidery Contact details below:

Phone: 08 9456 2324

Fax: 08 9456 2325

Email: mailto:info@imageembroidery.com.au

Address: 26 Tulloch Way, Canning Vale WA 6155

Follow this link to:

St Emilie's Uniform Procedure


Trading Hours

Monday - Thursday:8:30am – 5pm

Friday:8:30am – 4.30pm

Saturday – Sunday:CLOSED

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Keyed Up Music


Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar, keyboard, voice, violin, and drum lessons in Term 3 after school. Lessons start from $19.80 for a small group, voice and drums start from $24.75 for 20min individual. If you are interested in your son / daughter learning an any of the above instrument or learning to sing, please call Savanna on 0479 171 424 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form

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