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What is life really all about?..is there any purpose to how we live?

Helping others is a choice that everyone should make, that everyone could make. Yet, here our society stands, the poor, the hungry, and the disabled. These individuals of our society are considered lesser by many of our society. "If a free society cannot help the many that are poor, it cannot help the few that are rich." -John F. Kennedy

Everytime I look at the television all I see is doom and gloom. What ever happened to 'the Dream'.... You know the one. The one where you had the perfect life, where you built and ran the perfect business, had the perfect family, the nice cars, the best vacation spots and never had to worry about a thing. My friend take a step back... Does YOUR life look like that? Are you already there? DO you have all of the things you dreamt about and more? If you are already there... I commend you because 99% of the world has never experienced such a dream life before and most never will. Then again, it's only a dream...Right? WRONG! I have the solution!

Everyone has the right to dream and everyone should be free to live out that dream. My actions have helped people experience a dream. My name is Trevor Carter. I have worked with youth,professionals, single parents, unemployed, women, and men for 23 years, in positions such as social worker and counselor. I have acted as friend, mentor, and life coach to lives that may not have a chance at freedoms most of us take for granted. For the last several years I have successfully helped the hard to reach individuals from all walks of life, from different cultures, and from different paths.

My goal for people was to help them overcome problems and social issues that life had given them. They could not help the life they were born in, but I helped them understand they could help where their life went. My speaking trends to motivation, focus and achieving their dreams and desires in life. The most satisfying reward for my work is those who come back with a better outlook on life, or those who finally find employment or self fulfillment.

Awesome Deal!!!

I read an interesting article not long ago, that said that only 15% of all human beings are happy. That means that 85% of all human beings are unhappy. Wow!!!!!

I know you want to love yourself and that you are committed to finding the solutions to your self-love problems. I am offering to community groups, Schools, Colleges, voluntary and Professional organisations, national and International, a gold group motivational session. To ensure your success I will customize my techniques to the needs of each group and I know you will be more than pleased.

All I ask in return contribute to my transportation for your 1 day FREE trial group motivational session.

Don't settle for average intelligence...there's nothing stopping you from accomplishing more. You just have to learn how. Get started by contacting me TODAY!


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Whatever goal you have in your life and no matter were you start, someone has succeeded at something similar or even more difficult starting less than you have..what makes them so different from YOU?

There may be some of you out of the six billion on the planet for whom this doesn't apply.Perhaps some really want to do things that are far beyond anything a man or women has ever done, so for the rest of you what do you really want?.Can see your deep in thoughts now..uhhhmm!

I know just how it feels when you want something real bad to kick stat your career or life.Your not alone..Iam offering you a free 30 min consultation via skype. I do have to warn you that this offer is only available till Friday 18th October!!! After that I shall be removing this offer and be charging...So dont delay..book NOW!

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Trevor Carter

I am truely passionate about motivating others.. Not only do people get results, but they also make a massive difference to people's lives. Kick start you life on a high note for 2014 for your FREE 1hr motivational session you simply email or call me.

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