R U what U Eat?



-Bhutanese Diet

-Bhutan vs. USA

-Accompanying Meograph

Bhutanese Diet

Grains: Red Rice: 66.2 lb

Dairy: Milk :2.8 Gallons (used for milk butter cheese and whey. From family Cow)

Meat: Eggs, 11, dried fish, 4.4 ounces

Fruits: oranges, and (infrequently), bananas

Condiments: Mustard oil 2.1 quarts salt 3.3 pounds (Chilies and peppers seen in photograph are 3-4 months worth of them)

Beverages: Tea rounds, 2 cakes

Miscellany: 80 Betel Nuts. Carcinogenic!

Comparison: Charts and Graphs

United States' Diet

Grains: San Luis sourdough bread, two loafs

Dairy: store brand milk

Meat: Chicken breast tenders, , 12 eggs

Fruits: Bananas, Braeburn, apples, golden delicious apples 2.5 pounds, tangerines Frozen veggies

Condiments: 1.1 lb of peanut butter, 8 oz of sugar

Desserts and Snacks: Snyder's pretzels, Raisins, vanilla wafers, cereal bars

Prepared food: Pizza, Sub sandwiches (from school, 2 times a week)

Fast Food: Chicken nugget happy meals

Restaurants: “Fresh Choice” Twice a month or two

Beverages: water, Coke, Fountain sodas

Miscellany: Cat food