Using a Social Learning Platform in the Classroom

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What is Edmodo?

A New E-learning Environment

Edmodo is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teacher to share files, ideas, and assignments with students, parents, and other teachers in real time. This social learning web site offers free sign-up easily. Safety and security is ensured by providing the teacher with a unique classroom code that students must enter to become members of the online group. Edmodo is also a great way for teachers to share and find recommended classroom material and web resources (Dobler).

Awesome Ways Edmodo is Used by Classrooms Around the World

  • Student Writing Projects: With their work being seen by the rest of their classmates online, students are motivated to submit their very best work. Helpful and encouraging feedback is also something to look forward to.
  • Backchannel Discussions: Real-time discussions during read alouds, in-class movies, or professional development events can strengthen avid listening and note taking skills.
  • Language Practice: Teachers can have their students respond questions in a foreign language, and even create a co-classroom with students from different countries!
  • Grammar and Punctuation: Enforcing proper usage of these by requiring full words and sentences is preparing students for our connected world.
  • Communicate With Parents: Keep them up to date with the classroom on their very own parent accounts. One-on-one discussions are also an option with parent accounts.
  • Sick Days and Extended Leave: Teachers can post notes, assignments and anything else that was missed to students who were absent. Updates or check-ins are helpful for teachers on extended leave.
  • Project Based Learning: Students can collaborate and work in small groups anywhere at anytime through Edmodo, and group information can be shared and stored for easy access. (Dobler) (Batsila, Tsihouridis, Vavougios)
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Edmodo is also available in the app store, for use on your mobile device!


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