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An Amazing and Wonderful Trip to the Dream City of Sydney

Australia offers landscapes of the desert to dense rainforest. Day trips to water, land or air are available in almost unbelievable number. The selection of hotels is as diverse and ranges from simple suburban motel to luxury hotel in a very nice. You will be surprised again and again, the kindness, warmth and hospitality you will receive in this distant continent. Your school English ranges in most cases, but do not be surprised a number of typical Australian expressions. Australia holidays for many people, a trip is a dream to Australia. And with good reason - an Australia Vacations is a very special experience. In an Australia vacation visitors can a diverse flora and natural landscape and exciting cities to experience and explore. Traveling through Australia for adventure pure, unspool nature and peaceful relaxation on beautiful white sand beaches.

Red on in the middle of the continent of over 300 meters tall monolith Ayers Rock towers above everything around him. Three miles long and two miles wide - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Holy Mountain, as described by the Aborigines - the original inhabitants of Australia - is called, is over 500 million years old. A walk around the Ayers Rock impressed and should not be absent from an Australia vacation. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Blue Mountains. This up to 1,000 meters, the mountain is an absolute highlight for hikers. The air carries the scent of essential oils. This comes from the eucalyptus leaves that give off a subtle fragrance mist. This creates a very special blue light scattering, hence the name Blue Mountains. A true natural wonders is the Great Barrier Reef with a unique underwater world.