Rohan Ponnala

What are fossils ?

Fossils are the remains of an ancient creature that died a long time ago that has been preserved for millions of years.

What type of rock are the found in ?

Fossils are found in the layers of rock as the rock piles on top of the fossils and they are also preserved in amber , which is fossilized tree resin , for millions of years .

How are fossils formed?

Fossils are formed when plants or animals decompose and the dead remains of the animals will get preserved while they are buried under sedimentary rock over millions of years.

An example of how they are formed

One example of how fossils are formed is when you bury a box with things in it . Nobody would know about it , and maybe in the future and the box is preserving the stuff , some people will find the box in the future , still preserving the stuff you put in the box .