Web Saftey

How stay safe online

How To Stay Safe On Social Networking Sites

When going on any social networking site (e.g Facebook, Twitter..) When some wants to be friends with you, make sure you know them first. Also if you dont want anyone you dont know to add you as a friend or follow you make sure you profile page has a saftey lock on so you can keep your profile and details safe.

How To Create A Strong Password

Make sure your password is something long and something that no one ould ever guess, A suggestion to do would be to choose something you want it to be then add a couple of numbers at the end of it. But make sure you remeber it!

Anti Virus Software

If you think your computer has a virus the thing you should do is use an Anti Virus Software, (e.g Norton, AVG..) If you download one of these they will protect your computer for any virus. All you do is download, click run search and then it will bein to search for any viruses and possibly get rid of them.


When using bluetooth make sure that as soon as you are finished, turn it off. Anybody will be able to hack into your phone and spend your money, even look at your pictures or even get your details.