Christmas In Canada

By: Caleb, Daniel, and Zach


In all Christian household worldwide it's customary to get a Christmas Tree so you Santa knows where to deliver the gifts.

Mummering is a tradition which takes place in the provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, more commonly in small towns and villages rather than large towns and city's. People dress up in costumes and knock on someone's door and say in a disguised voice, "Are there any Mummers in the night?" or "Any mummers 'loud in?'", meaning 'are mummers allowed in the house?' Then they sing and dance and have Christmas cake and a cup of something nice before moving on to the next house.

Most Canadians open presents on Christmas Eve

Saint Nicholas Is Called Santa Clause


They eat the same things we do

Mum merging has been banned in some cities because beggars would do it just for the food