Blended Español III

Con Señorita Ashman


1st period: Planning

2nd period: Spanish I

3rd period: Spanish I

4th period: Spanish III/IV

Office Hours: 7:15-8:40 am; 2:15-4:15 pm

*If you contact me outside of these hours I will do my best to answer but the times listed above are when I am readily available.

You can contact me via e-mail: or Canvas message. These are the best ways to get in touch with me outside of class.

Class Description:

The goals of Spanish III are to strengthen the language skills acquired in previous years of study. You will also become more familiar with authentic texts, music and videos and be able to engage in listening, ready, writing and speaking Spanish. This class will be conducted almost entirely in Spanish.


1. Use YOUR Spanish.

2. Be respectful.

3. Be on time and prepared for class. (This includes bringing all necessary materials to class and completing all online assignments needed to participate in class every day.)

4. Follow all school rules.


1. Verbal Warning

2. Parent Contact

3. Control Room Referral

Your consequences will "reset" at the end of the 9 weeks.


Technology is a privilege, not a right. You may only use your phone when I give specific instructions that you may do so. If you are caught using your phone in any capacity without permission, you will place your phone in a sealed envelope on your desk. If you open the envelope at any point during class, it will result in an office referral.

First offense: Verbal Warning

Second offense: Parent Contact

Third offense: Office Referral

¿Puedo escuchar música? When we are using laptops, you may listen to music only on the computer via Pandora or Spotify, YouTube is not allowed. There may be times throughout the semester that I will allow you to listen to your iTunes but that will be at my discretion.

Tech Check: You will be assigned a number at the beginning of the semester, that is the number of the device you should always use in class. You are responsible for this device. That means you should let me know if there are any issues as you use the device and also that you plug it in at the end of class. I will do random checks during class and after to make sure that you are using the right device and that it is plugged in. This will count as a classwork grade.

Grading Scale:

Grading Scale: Grades will be calculated on a total points scale.

Classwork/Homework: 5-15 points

Show & Tell: 15 points

Journal Entries: 5-25 points

Discussions: 20 points

Quizzes: 15-40 points

Tests: 50-100 points

Projects: 50-100 points

*If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get any missed information, notes, etc. If you miss class, you should come see me the following day to get the assignment and then turn it in on the next day we are in class.

Show & Tell: This is an assignment that we will do at least once every unit. It involves bringing in an item related to the theme of the week and presenting the item to the class using your Spanish. Please refer to the Show & Tell Rubric in the Getting Started Folder on Canvas.

Late Work:

If you are submitting an assignment late you must e-mail me the assignment with the title of the assignment as the subject of the e-mail. If you turn in work late, it will be graded at my earliest convenience. Late work submitted via Canvas will not be checked.


You could be assigned POWER for any of the following reasons:

1. Below a 74 average in the class

2. Missing assignments

3. Corrections

What do you need to get to my classroom during POWER?

1. POWER slip

2. A green hall pass from me.

3. A picture of the green/red POWER schedule outside of my classroom door.

*Below is a picture of my POWER schedule. You are welcome to take a picture and use it to plan ahead, however it will not count as a pass down the hallway.

*Quiet POWER is an opportunity for you to come to work on something quietly or make-up work. During this POWER block, you have the option to leave when you are finished or as needed. If you attend a tutorial, you are required to stay the entire 30 minutes.

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Learning a new language is a process and sometimes we make mistakes (sometimes we make lots of them!) I allow test corrections as an opportunity to master the material. If you score below a 74 on a test, you will be assigned a tutorial. Otherwise, you may choose to come do corrections. If you follow the correction format and answer correctly, you can receive half credit back for each question missed.

Required Supplies:

  • Canvas Account
  • Headphones
  • E-mail address
  • Expo Marker
  • Paper
  • Pencil/Pen

Wish List:

  • Tissues
  • EXPO Markers
  • Whiteboard Cleaner
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Colored Copy Paper

Expectations for a Blended Course:


As a student, you are expected to check Canvas daily for assignments, updates, quizzes, etc. It is your responsibility to keep up with any work due throughout the course. You are not required to come to campus during your online course time. If you choose to come to school during your allotted online class, you will work in a collaborative space throughout the school.


Students are expected to be in class every Monday and Wednesday. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the work that you missed. You should turn in any work due in-class via Canvas if you plan to be absent.

Fridays are teacher determined class days. This day should always be left available in the event you are required to be present in class. Fridays' attendance will be determined the Thursday before, by 4 pm via Canvas Announcement or message. If you do not hear from me, you are not required to be present.

LATE WORK: You may turn in late work for 50% credit at any point up until the Final Unit Assessment. At that point, you will receive a zero for any missing assignments.

Academic Integrity Policy:

According to CCHS policy, “Graded work submitted to a teacher as one’s own work is expected to be the student’s original work. Students determined to be guilty of academic dishonesty will receive a "0" on the assignment.” This includes online translators. Per department guidelines, teachers will inform the parent and school administration of the incident within 24 hours.

I have included a great, reliable resource below that can help you with definitions.