A hero in my life

By: Eamon Donnelly

Amazing hero

Celeste is an outstanding person who never stops pushing until she gets to where she wants to be. She is a member of the track team at New Trier High School and whenever she is running, she always tries as hard as she can until she finishes. She also is always caring and a nice person to everyone. She always helps me do anything I need help with because she always wants to help. She is an outstanding and caring person, and my hero.

Superhero without a cape

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of a hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine equalities. A man wearing a cape fighting evil and saving the community is an image that always makes the word hero come to mind. Just because a hero is considered to be an idol, a hero can be even more than that to you. The word hero, to me, is someone who is a role model and helps me do the best I can in life.

A hero is someone who is a role model to you. Imagine a little brother following his brothers footsteps in everything. Consider how much the little brother loves him and thinks highly of him. The little brother has to face that his older brother doesn’t do everything correctly and should not follow exactly everything. A role model is someone who you look up to, but you need to know if that person is a good person that you can be like. But if it is a person that does many bad things, then you might start doing bad things too which would show that that person is a bad role model. If you have a bad role model, you need to forget all the bad things they did and look up to another person that you think highly of. With a great role model, you will have a personal hero that is always caring and helpful.

A hero is someone who helps me do the best I can do in life. Whenever I am going through tough times, my oldest sister comes to me and helps me out. Also, whenever she makes a mistake I always know not to do that because of the consequences. By doing all this, she is helping me and sort of teaching me good and bad things to do and not do. My sister has taught me what not to do when she was at a party and some bad things started happening and instead of just leaving she got peer pressured into staying. If I didn't have my sister here to teach me what to do and what not to do, I would have a chance of doing some bad things. I would also have to have the consequences of doing that, but luckily I have her to teach me most things. She is always there for me and teaches me how to the best I can in life. With a hero in my life, they can teach me how to do great in life.

A hero to some people might be someone who fights the bad and saves the world, but to me it's even more. A hero is someone who is a great role model and a person that is always there for you. My personal hero fits that definition perfectly, she is always nice to me and helps me succeed. I am very lucky to have my sister always by my side to be a role model or even to help me with some homework. My sister is a great person and definitely a personal hero to me.

Two Great People

He walks into the conference room, not too happy after losing the Super bowl. He sits down and calls on someone to ask a question. They ask and he sits there for a second or two, then he leaves. After that press conference, many football fans have gotten mad at Cam Newton for doing that, yet he just lost possibly the biggest game of his career. People need to lay off on him and realize that it is devastating to lose that game. On the other hand, before almost every game, he always meets with little kids before games and that is truly amazing. Cam Newton is definitely an exceptional hero because of his will to inspire and his perseverance through tough times.

Cam Newton is a true hero because of his will to inspire anyone. One great thing that Cam Newton always does when he scores a touchdown is run over to the bleachers, into the roaring fans, finds a little Panthers fan and hands the ball to the kid. This makes the fan even more happy and inspires them. This could inspire any fan to go out and try something new, or be the first to do something. This action by Cam Newton could inspire a fan to do whatever they have dreamed of. This also is teaching people a lesson, that even though there are many fans of other teams that hate Cam Newton, he stills does nice and generous gestures to them.

Perseverance is something a hero needs and that is exactly what Cam Newton and Celeste Donnelly hero have. Cam Newton persevered through tough times when he got into some trouble in school, Contemporary Black Biography states, “in spite of his football ability, however, Newton's early career has been mired in controversy. Although he originally attended the University of Florida, Newton ran into trouble when he was charged with purchasing a stolen laptop, leading to his suspension from the football team.” This is showing that Cam Newton get into trouble during college, but he persevered, switched colleges and started playing football very well again. Eventually he made it into the NFL, with those troubles behind him. Celeste Donnelly, my sister, also persevered through school during tough times. She was not doing very well, but she focused a lot and studied hard and is now doing very great. With this ability to persevere through tough times makes people great and amazing just like these heroes. Cam Newton and Celeste Donnelly are both heroes because they both persevere through tough times.

If I were able to have a conversation with Cam Newton, I would ask him what motivates him to inspire? Also, how does it feel to see the smile on a kid's face after you hand them the football? I think Cam Newton would tell me to always be helpful and nice to everyone. He might also tell me to keep trying as hard as I can no matter what. By telling me this it shows that he is truly a hard worker and a great person. Cam is a great inspiration and an untouchable hero.

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Hero Haiku

Celeste Donnelly

My sister and my hero

Supportive through life