IPS Exam Study Guide Pt1

Disclaimer= not actually a study guide

Scientific Method

1. Identify Problem

2. Gather Info

3. Form Hypothesis

4. Perform Experiment

5. Analyze Data

6. Conclusion

Reaction in a Bag Lab

The purpose of the lab was to record observations when substances combine.

Experimental Errors:

1. The bag explodes when the substances are mixed.

2. The bag has a small hole in it.

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Chapter 1 Vocab

Observation- information obtained by the senses; often by direct measurement

Inference- a conclusion based on known observations

Hypothesis- a proposed solution to a problem

Control Group- the group that is the standard for comparison in a lab

Experimental Group- the group receiving the variables being tested

Control Factors- the variables that are held constant; they are the same for both groups

Indicator- a substance used to show the presence of another substance

Volume- the amount of space something occupies; true for all but plasma

Volume Displacement Technique- quick & easy way to determine the volume of a solid or gas

Mass- the amount of matter in a substance, true of all but plasma

Meniscus- the curved portion of a liquid when in a container; must read bottom of meniscus at eye level for an accurate reading

Baking Soda Lab

The purpose of the lab was to observe and record the reaction that occurs when baking soda is heated

Exp Errs:

1. Stopper is not in tight enough

2. The rubber tube has a small hole.

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