INformational Flyer-Billy fox


3 ways to be safe while cleaning are

Follow the rules, wear our safety equipment, and check our equipment and supplies

cleaning schedule

Purpose of a cleaning schedule is

you know what you already did and what days you did it too

cleaning products

3 cleaning products to use for cleaning the rooms

sanitizing spray to kill germs, polish for furniture and a mop to keep the floor looking new




2 ways to clean windows are

use a substance for cleaning windows with a yellow rag or use a squeegee with the bucket


3 items we disinfect in the hospital are

chairs,handles on drawers,also the phones

bed changing

what is the purpose of sanitary bed changing

you can make sure the beds are clean and also to make sure the patient doesn't get bed sores

these are four techniques to bed changing

.Don't shake because of germs

.Don't hold up against clothing

.get correct items

.tags facing up so it won't irritate the skin.