By Cecilia Torres

What Are Wetlands

Wetlands is a biome know for being very wet and is saturated land consisting marshes. bogs and swamps it also has plants and animals.

Types Of Wetlands

There Are Four Types Of Wetlands

Bogs-Wetland that forms peat

Marshes-Wetland that has soil that is covered by shallow water

Fens-Wetland that has water that is below the soil

Swamp-Wetland that has trees

How They HelpUs

Wetlands help us in many ways that we don't know much about here are some examples.

  • Filter Our Water
  • Create Habitats For Endangered Species
  • Helps Prevent Flooding


Wetlands are formed in low areas and created by overflowing rivers.

Habitats For Animals

  • Insects
  • Beavers
  • Alligators
  • Amphibians
  • Birds


  • Trees-Only In Swamps
  • Cattail
  • Sedges
  • Reeds

If They Continue Getting Destroyed

Wetlands are getting destroyed buy us the people who feel its necessary to build more parking lots and shopping centers. But if more of these wetlands continue getting destroyed more flooding will occur and the endangered species will became extinct. Also since wetlands filter our water the worlds water will be nastier.
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Lets Save Our Wetlands

Wetlands are Being destroyed all the time now because people don't care abut them anymore they think they are not important in all lives. But they are so important in our lives even if we don't know it. People buy wetlands to destroy it and build unnecessary buildings there but what we really need on this earth is not mall or larger parking lots it's living things and helpful things.

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