Change Over Time By: Cesar Cortes-Reyes

What was the change?

The term Renaissance means rebirth, this Renaissance is the revival of art and learning. During this time the scholars looked down on art and literature of the Dark Ages, in preference they returned to the learning of the Greeks and the Romans. Humanism erupted during this time period due to the study of classical texts. Humanism was an intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements. Dante influenced the writing of this time by writing in Vernacular, their native language, instead of Latin. People then began to doubt the political and religious structures.
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How did the change impact society at the time?

Society was majorly influenced by the Renaissance. The church had already lost recognition during the Dark Ages and the learning of Greek and Roman teachings changed the views of religious people. There was also an eruption in increase of scholars, schools and teachers were also better by this time. The Renaissance brought about a better standard of living.

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How is that change seen in today's modern society?

The Renaissance had a major influence on the culture of Europe in that time but it also made a hug impact on today's society. After the spread of the Renaissance to England one of the most famous poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, was born and is read in nearly every country for his literature. Another influence is art, painters and sculptors study the Renaissance art and use their qualities. The original paintings from this time still exist and were preserved throughout history because of their influence. Philosophy was another influence and it is still around because many philosophy scholars study these Renaissance Philosophers because of their major influence and right attitude.

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