The Mars Rover: By Katelyn Z.

Who Is Opportunity?

Opportunity is a rover made to explore the red planet, Mars. There were a total of three rovers built, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity. The first two rovers launched in 2003( June and July). Spirit and Opportunity land on mars January 2004.

Naming The Rovers

NASA held a contest to come up with names for the rovers. The girl who won was a 9 year old girl named Sofi Collis. She was an adopted by a an american family (she was from Siberia) when she was younger and was given a new opportunity and the spirit to live. There were 1,000 entries in the contest to name the rovers. Her entire explained that america gave her spirit and an opportunity, they choose Sofi's entire for the names of the rovers for the meaning of the names.
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Fun Facts

One fun facts about Mars and the rovers are the rovers are the size of a golf cart, weighing 175 kg(384 pounds on earth). At Mars closest point to earth it is 303,000,000 miles away. When the rovers went it still took them 7 months to get to mars. The next time mars will be as close as it was in 2003 is in 2287. Opportunity had a lucky landing because it landed in what we call Eagle crater and found patches of blueberries. The rovers went so slow that in about 5 years Opportunity went 12.4 miles. A year on mars is 687 earth days making the seasons longer, so in the winter the sun is blocked out most of the time so the rovers could not re-charge as easily.

Launching, Landing, and Mission

Opportunity was launched on July 7, 2003 at 11:18PM in Florida. The launch was postponed over 12 times for bad weather, battery cell failure, and insulation. The rovers were made for a 90- day mission, but the rovers keeped going for over 5 years. The mission was to find traces of water to see if life could live there. Along the way they got many pictures and samples of rocks and soil, thinking they could find water action. On March 13, 2004 the rovers found traces of water.

Equipment and More

The rovers carried scientific equipment created by scientists and engineers from all over America and Europe. They have cameras to take pictures and videos to send back to earth, spectrometers to analyze rocks (ect.) and to figure out the spectrum, and more. The also have grinding tools to dig deeper into mars history as a planet. From here mars looks dry and cold, and it is at a first glance when you get to mars it looks the exact some way. If you dig a little deeper there is a whole lot more. The rovers found sings of damp, wetness and clues of warmness once. So Mars has not alway be the dry, cold planet we see it as.
11 Years and Counting - Opportunity on Mars


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