If you like history this is the book for you.

This book is about past presidents and how they got elected and what they did to get elected. This book also talks about what these presidents had to over come during there 4 year term. Another thing this book talks about is how much of the vote they won and how they kept there votes. One of the presidents in this book had to over come a outbreak of disease called HIV. All of these presidents had to over come terrorist in some way. It talks about how the presidents had to fight terrorism and sent troops in 2003 to Iraq. This fight for terrorism ended up as a war that the U.S. still has not withdrew from. With 9/11 it changed are opinion on safety we started to be more aware of whats happening. There was more safety equipment in air ports and all over the U.S to prevent anything like 9/11 from happening again. A president in this book started to expand on going to the moon with a program called NASA. With NASA it helped us create new technology which lead to better equipment and expansion. "Self-defense is not only our right it is our duty". It is the purpose behind the mission.
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I rate this book 5 stars
I like book because it is about history and the presidents and what happen during there term. My favorite part of the book is when they were talking about terrorism. I would recommend this book for younger kids because it is easily comprehended and not to long of a book. Also it is very easy to understand. Therefor young kids wouldn't get bored so easily.
Ronald Reagan We Must Fight