Earth's Interior

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Features of the Earth's crust, mantle and core Pt.1

The crust is solid rock that also includes dry land and the ocean floor. The crust is made up of oxygen and silicon.The crust is between 5 to 40 kilometers thick. The mantle is made of solid rock but is very hot. It is nearly 3,000 kilometers thick. The mantle is split into 3 groups, the lithosphere, asthenosphere and the mesosphere.

Features of the Earth's crust, mantle and core Pt.2

The core is mostly iron, nickel and other metals. It has 2 main parts, it has a solid inner core and a liquid outer core. The core is around 3,480 kilometers thick.

How geologist learn about the Earth's interior

Geologist learn by 2 different things. One thing is direct evidence which is from rock samples. The other way is indirect evidence which is from seismic waves. That's how a geologist learns about the Earth's interior


Seismic waves- a wave produced by an earthquake. Pressure- a force pressing on an area. Crust-Earth's outer layer of rock. Basalt- a dark fine grained rock. Granite-a light colored rock and has coarse grains. Mantle- a layer of solid rock that is hot. Lithosphere- the uppermost part of the mantle and solid rock. Asthenosphere- A hot material that has under increasing pressure. Outer core- a liquid metal surrounding the inner core. Inner core- a dense ball of metal.